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    Posted March 1, 2014 by
    Casablanca, Morocco

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    Seeking taller growth? The facts about the “human growth hormone” (HGH)


    When everything is tried without any success, naturally, short individuals begin to wonder to themselves “ how to grow taller ?” and this can lead to the consideration of using a natural growth hormone known as the “human growth hormone”, (HGH for short). Being that there has been a lot of debate as to whether or not the natural hormone works for those wanting and/ or needing to grow taller, I thought that I would provide you (the reader) with the most recent facts about this particular method, as well as any pros or cons that may come from using this particular method.


    When it comes to using a natural growth hormone to make us grow taller, being that it is natural, many think that there's not much that can go wrong if using such a supplement. But the fact of the matter is, anything in excess, particularly when it comes to hormones that control our bodies development, it can lead to adverse side affects.


    Naturally, humans conduct most of their growing during childhood, stopping at around 16 (women) to 18 (men) years of age. During this time a lot of our biology, as well as what we eat and or do affects how tall we can, or will grow. Therefore, for those of you interested in taking a natural hormone supplement to grow taller, it is advised that you take this supplement during these developmental stages.


    Being that you are altering your bodies natural chemical makeup to get an end result, it is strongly advised that you go to your doctor before taking such a supplement, as to conduct, or take such pills is not for everyone. If you choose to go this particular route during this particular time of your life, it is advised that you eat a healthy diet, and take note of any adverse side affects.


    Many that have taken a growth hormone supplement indeed did grow taller, but their height became disproportionate. This means that certain areas of the body, like the arms for example, grew longer than the legs, which to many is considered an adverse side affect.


    Being that you are altering, as well as adding to the hormone located within the brain behind your eyes, too much stimulus or an excess in this hormone can lead to this particular result. You cannot control what exactly grows, and many oftentimes do not see a difference in their height whatsoever.


    That being the case, it is highly advised that when speaking with a healthcare professional that you determine weather or not your body actually needs this hormone, or if a well rounded diet, as well as plenty of sleep will get your the height that you need.


    Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you tread lightly when considering such a method to grow taller, as the side affects in comparison to the success may or may not be worth it to those interested. I hope that you have found this article to be both informative, as well as helpful, and remember when in doubt, ask your doctor before trying any supplement that will altar your hormones, or your natural biology. After all, as an individual seeking an effective answer on how to grow taller, there is good news, your options for taller growth are indeed, many.

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