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    Posted February 28, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Another Toothless Threat?


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     k3vsDad says the situation in Crimea is not surprising to him. 'The area was a part of Russia until the early 1950s,' he explained. He believes Russia's involvement in the situation in Crimea is an example of Vladimir Putin not taking the United States and President Obama seriously, adding that President Obama's message about Ukraine is probably a "toothless threat." 'Based on President Obama’s passed words and inaction, stating that “there will be costs” seems to be more bluster than resolve. The President drew a line for Syria then when it was crossed, he had to rethink what that line meant, which became meaningless,' he said.
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    It is horrific that Russia is apparently invading Ukraine.

    So far, thankfully, no blood has been spilled.

    But  how long before troops on the ground, on orders from Russian President  Vladimir Putin, begin to not just take control of Crimea, a  semi-autonomous region which is majority ethnic Russian, but to forcibly  mount a campaign for the entire country to reclaim it as part of a new  Russian empire?

    Late  today President Barack Obama took to the press room at the White House  to warn Russia not to send troops into Ukraine or "there will be costs".

    But what costs?

    Watching  Russian helicopters flying over Crimea and unknown armed, but clearly  organized militarily, men taking control of a Crimean airport and  surrounding a television station, the threat from the President rings  hollow.

    Did  not the President warn Syrian dictator Bashir al Assad to not use  chemical weapons on his own people because this would cross a "red line"  which would invite dire consequences?

    When the Syrian regime ignored the "red line", what happened?


    Yes, al Assad agreed to get rid of his chemical arsenal, but he has already breached and continues to breach that agreement.

    From the US Administration silence - no consequences.

    Why would Putin believe that President Obama's warning is anything more than a toothless threat?

    Putin  may be emboldened further when the former President George W. Bush, in  the waning days of his Administration, in August, 2008, stood by when  Russia launched a war on neighboring Georgia, which lasted five days.

    Yes, Ukraine could appeal for help from NATO.

    If the Ukrainian government does, what then?

    Will  this President allow action or will he, as in the past, once more come  out and say he is still studying his options while Ukraine is grasped in  the clutches of a new Russian empire?

    From the Cornfield, I am not advocating we send in American troops.

    What  I am saying is that the President has lost all credibility of threat on  the world stage. His warning sounds more Chicken Little than a big  stick with the resolve to use it.

    For  the moment, the best we can do is to pray for the people of Ukraine.  Relying on the Administration to take foreceful action is relying on  air.

    Sadly  I am afraid now that the President has given his warning, the prestige  of US strength and might has been set up to once more be given a black  eye.

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