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    Posted February 28, 2014 by
    Deer Park, Washington
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    Self Worth-You My Friend Are Worth All The Good Earth Has To Offer

    Let me just say this before anything else? You are the greatness this earth was provided. Anyone after you? Is even greater. So you have provided this world with good stuff and you don't even realize it.

    Now onto other matters:
    So today has been a real day of self discovery. I have been feeling really good after a bad PTSD night. I went and looked and found a Man Cave and my self worth started rising? Why? What was it?

    I will tell you right now working inspires great self worth. As we work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. We continually are inspiring ourselves and don't realize it.

    Being off work for 5-6 years? My self worth has plummeted. No matter if I make my hair look great. No matter how much I work out. No matter how smart I get. By working I increase my self worth 100 times. Looking at the possibilities in creating my business slowly and slowly I have been increasing my self worth. People try to shut me up and tear me down. Yet as I create my own inspiration I create a much stronger person. Even though I have PTSD? It does not have to slow me down.

    No matter if I am disabled or whatever it is? If I don't try to create work then my existence becomes pointless. But if I move forward and I create my own existence my brain knows that I am destined for great things. It doesn't matter if I am 16 or 54. As long as I am moving forward my self worth and confidence goes through the roof. One thing about my PTSD I become hypervigilant. Now if I decide to do positive things or negative things is up to me.

    I could have the greatest heart in the world. That doesn't mean I am leaving something for my daughter to know I was happy in my existence.

    Work alone doesn't create a powerful self worth though. Being a father is a huge role in it. I can be a shitty husband and friend but if I am working and a good father then I am powerful. Now if I add in great husband I become even more powerful. Then I add in being a good friend? That doesn't mean just existing in someone elses life. That means picking them up when they are down. Crying with them as they cry. Protect them if they need protection.

    I'm determined and have been for a long time to have a better existence than just being a father. Because I have the ability to be greater. Can you be better in your existence? Or are you just lazy? I was lazy for a while and it sucked. Everytime I make a move forward I am a better man.

    When people are first around me big or small? Attitude or no attitude? Friendly or unfriendly? I am intimidating and I know this now. So I make changes to my life so I am a better man and your equal. Yes when I would go bullriding I would act better because I was doing so much that I was a powerful presence. I rode with some of the very best and my best friend was the Military Bullriding Champ. Now had we lowered our lives to be equal with everyone? We could of accomplished a lot more. I am no better than anyone else. My self worth may rise? I may ride a Harley? But I am your equal. I am only human like everyone else.

    Different events create different circumstances but we are all still only human. So think of your self worth? Are you better than everyone else? Or are you their exact equal as a human?

    Finding your humanity like I have? You definately reevaluate your life and lifestyle. I am only a man. Not a gay man, straight man, not an American or Palestinian, not a bullrider or master woodworker. I am only a man.

    Find your work. Find your worth. Your a treasure that has yet to be discovered fully. When your ass gets knocked down pick your ass back up and fight like hell to create a self worth that you and your children would be proud of. Yet when your with others remember? Your only a man or a women. Nothing less and nothing more at that moment in time.

    P.S. America has a narcissism problem remember your worth what you make it. Complaining and not getting what you want is not going to make you worth more. Sometimes you have to step outside the box to create the box. Mold your life the way YOU want it not how someone else does.

    P.S.S. I just realized when I typed into Google "Black Man quotes" There were great quotes by great men. I typed in "White Men Quotes" All I recieved was hateful quotes by hateful people. I see where white mans deeds have done some serious wrongs.

    But only you as an individual man can make your life worth living. There is not a law in the land that will improve your life if your not willing to work for it.

    I wish I could apologize for white men doing other colored men wrong. I don't know any black men so I can't apologize. I can only say that my children will be much better people than they are and my children are of all mixed races.

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