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    Albuquerque, New Mexico
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    Teach Only Love

    The Daily Meditation 3.01.2014

    “Teach Only Love”

    Nancy Bowers, RScP

    “Teach only love, for that is what you are.” – A Course in Miracles, T-

    In this moment, what I know is that there is One Divine Intelligence, One Life that flows through in and around everything and everybody. I recognize that Intelligence as Infinite Love, Supreme Joy, Perfect Peace, Harmony, and all Good. This One Life, that I call God is the essence of all Life. It is the Power and the Presence, the Quintessential Isness of Being; It is the Heart and the Soul; the Sweetness of the air, the touch of the gentle breeze upon my skin. It is the Source of all Inspiration and the Birthplace of all Blessings. It is the place from which all my gratitude springs forth as I breathe in the knowingness that God, Spirit, the Divine Mother/Father/Earth is All There Is. It is the One Mind is which I move and breathe and have my being. It is the Cradle of Life and Its name is Love and It’s function is Peace.

    And I know that that Supreme Life is the truth of who I am, for I can never be separate from it. I step into this knowingness and in doing so, know myself as the child of God that I am. I am made in His likeness and image. I am His Perfect Daughter. I am the one come to claim His Kingdom as my own and to demonstrate what God is. I am love, as God made and so I teach only love, for that is my only function here. I see as God sees. I bless as God blesses. I give as God gives. And just as I know this is the truth of who I am, I know this is the truth of each person who comes across these words. We are the Sonship, the holiest of holies, the ones come to teach love, to be love, to demonstrate peace.

    And so I claim for us the Peace of God, hearts willing and able to extend only kindness, compassion deep and beautiful. I claim for us a willingness of look past apparent “sins,” for these are but errors of perception for they could never be otherwise in this place where God’s Love washes away all heartache and restore innocence to His anointed, precious children. I claim for us the ability to know always how loved we are, how sanctified we are, how cared for we are as we allow the Gifts of the Father to rush into our hearts and whisper how sacred we are. We can never lose our way, for God leads us. The truth of who we are reigns supreme. Our miscreations can never undo the will of God which is for each of us to know ourselves as the holy ones that God would have us be.

    And so I give thanks. I give thanks for knowing that God’s will for me is joy sublime. It is my birthright and I gratefully accept it. I give thanks for community, I give thanks for remembrance, I give thanks that I am never alone, for God is within me and would never forsake me. I give thanks that I recognize the truth of this Love so transcendent that it sweeps me out of all darkness and into the arms of the Father. I give thanks for the Holy Spirit murmuring sweet innocence in my ear. I give thanks for knowing the Truth. I give thanks. I give thanks. I am so very, very grateful.

    So I let it go. God always had it covered and His Omniscience is so much more effective than my small ability to see how everything fits together. What a blessing to allow God to lead me! I can never get lost for I am never alone. I release my life to God. I release my life to love. And So It Is! Amen.

    Nancy Bowers is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    ***If you have a prayer request please email it to prayer@rgcsl.org ***

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