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    Saint Louis, Missouri

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    Learn How A Small Business Owner Outsourced Himself, Gained A Lots Of Free Time and Ultimately Living Stress Free Life!

    Learn How A Small Business Owner Outsourced Himself, Gained A Lots Of Free Time and Ultimately Living Stress Free Life!

    Learn How to Achieve All This and More By:
    • Learning How to Manage Your Time and Enjoy Your Life!
    • Become More Productive By Using Power of Productivity Tools and Resources!
    • Learning How to Grow Your Small Business Using the Power of Outsourcing So You Can Make More Money and Ultimately Have More Free Time in Order to Live Less Stressful Life!

    Technological Advances--Time Management Tools and Applications
    “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
    -Andy Warhol
    Techie - a technical expert, student, or enthusiast, especially in the field of electronics.
    No person can argue with the numerous benefits technology has delivered to us. It has definitely allowed us to connect, perform, improve and take our resources beyond what was once unimaginable. We all make use of a broad range of tools and devices to make our lives effortlessly convenient. How many tools and apps are you currently using to optimize your time?
    Rescue Time https://www.rescuetime.com/
    Remember The Milk http://www.rememberthemilk.com/
    Dropbox http://www.dropbox.com
    Evernote http://evernote.com/
    Toggl https://www.toggl.com/
    Syncback Freeware http://www.2brightsparks.com/syncback/
    Focus at will https://www.focusatwill.com/music

    Time Management:

    Time management is really is life management. You must budget your time, if you ever budget your money, as time is limited supply so spend wisely. Schedule your time and try to stick with it.
    Few Tips from the book (Time management by Shawn Chhabra ISBN-13: 978-1495469022) http://www.linkedin.com/in/shawnchhabrausa

    1. Organize and budget your time
    2. Schedule less time than you think you need as the activity will take as much as time you allow
    3. Monitor the time spent so that you identify the time wasters
    4. Must have some achievable, realistic goals
    5. Always have a plan B
    6. Know your priorities
    7. Always use 80/20 rule
    8. Don't get overwhelmed by unexpected a life happens
    9. Perfectionism is waste of life, don't waste 99% of your time and actions to achieve last 1% of the results
    10. Avoid detractions (turn off cell phone and Internet to be more productive)
    11. Keep your brain free by making and following a to-do-list
    12. Do not procrastinate, just do it.
    13. Work smarter, not harder (don't waste 99% of your time and actions to achieve last 1% of the results)
    14. Urgent always does not mean important
    15. One touch handling, if you see touch a piece of paper and if the task can be completed within 5 minutes, then just-do-it (right away)
    16. To Do List: Write down as many tasks as you can in your planner or notebook, or even on your Smartphone or a recorder. If you don’t carry one, start now. Personally, I prefer a Smartphone so that you can carry it anywhere and everywhere you go.

    The idea is that you write down what you need to accomplish. This serves as a visual reminder and ensures that you stay on task. You are sure to revise it as you move along, but the point is that you have it done.

    Keep your TO DO LIST simple by using keywords and in short phrases because having to look at a long list is overwhelming and, oftentimes, discouraging.

    17. Utilizing Dead Time: Using walking, driving and breaks to think or plan on things you can do for the day is a great thing. Do not use your “Dead Times” during work or school to think about what to do the next few weeks.

    Rather, use it as a small time to reflect on what you have done for the day and what else you can do. Also, think about what your goals are for tomorrow and which tasks to do first. Learn how to prioritize.

    This is productivity at its best, for when you effectively use your time to get things done then you are successful. If you can keep a notebook or other planning tool with you, then you can master anything that may come up and always capture a thought or plan.

    18. Give Yourself a Pat on the Back: Whenever you have successfully accomplished a task, make sure to take the time to reward yourself. You can give yourself a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, an hour of television time, or just a snooze.

    Do whatever will make you feel that you have done a good job. This is not fluff but rather positive reinforcement at its best. If you want to keep being productive, then you have to feel good about what you have done and also take the time to refresh a bit.

    As Clockwork Orange author Anthony Burgess’ used the “Martini Method” to get things done. Burgess set a goal of 1,000 words per day.

    When he finished his word count, he’d relax with a martini and take the day off. A Martini might not be applicable to some but I guess you already get the idea.

    Do you feel like you are not in control of your life? Do you struggle to figure out how to get everything done in a day? Are you worried that you can’t stay organized or stay ahead of the game? If you want to take your life back and truly enjoy the time that you have, then the “Time Life Management” book is for you!
    The “Time Life Management” is a book that shows you what it really means to stay in control of your life. Though you may feel bogged down by commitments and a lack of time to complete them all, sometimes it’s simply a matter of staying organized. This book, written by Shawn Chhabra, can be an excellent tool in helping you to do just that.
    It’s Time To Take Control of Your Time and Your Life and Learn How To Do That…

    Outsource, Outsource, Outsource!
    Don't do it yourself, if someone else can do it better than you, faster than you or cheaper than you! (For the full story please read the forthcoming book: Time management by Shawn Chhabra ISBN-13: 978-1495469022)

    Outsourcing Resources:


    Shawn Chhabra's forthcoming book will help you achieve better time management and better happy, healthy and stress free life.
    The book will teach you how to avoid distractions and really focus on what you have to get done in a day. You will also learn the value of making a daily schedule for yourself so that it’s all spelled out for you. Even if you have struggled in the past or given into the many distractions around you, this book will help you to turn those negatives into positive.
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