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    Posted March 1, 2014 by
    Bangkok, Thailand
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    Thai military declares coup

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    The Root Cause


    Thai Constitution is not supportive of "Real Democracy" (as led to believe by the Financiers/Politicians). Instead, Thailand’s system of governance is actually the system of "High Financed Parliamentary Dictatorship". The only one in the world. The main reason, there exist 3 articles in the Constitution that allow the Financiers/Owners of Political Party to be able to obtain absolute power. To corrupt and enrich themselves by buying up Members of Parliament, both Senates and House of Representative, and compel them to legislate on demand.

    Those 3 articles are (in short, for practical purpose)….

    Article 101(3); Member of Parliament must belong to Political Party.
    Article 106(7); Member of Parliament can be removed from the Party membership if the vote cast is against the Party's wish.
    Article 171(2); Prime Minister must come from the rank of member of the House of Representatives.

    One can see why there must be a reform of the Supreme Law of Land, the Constitution, before any election can provide Thailand with the real Democratic System of Government.
    Up until now, the process was done under the current Constitution (2007 version) that require candidates to belong to Political Party. After they win the election they still have no freedom to perform their duties as representatives of the people with their own moral value and integrity. They must be under the command of the Financier/Owner of the Party or risk losing their membership in both the party and parliament. This system (the only one in the world) is not "Democracy" but "High Financed Parliamentary Dictatorship".
    I believe strongly that these 3 articles of Constitution are the root cause of Thailand’s political system failures. The People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC ) never even mentioned them. May be the Great Civil Mass still do not want to rid the country of "High Financed Parliamentary Dictatorship" system after all the reforms. My reason is clear and simple; abolish these 3 articles before next election and many other reforming ideas may become unnecessary.
    I also believe the reason why the United States and some other countries or even the UN Secretary shown their support for Thailand's having the February 2, 2014 election is that they don't have all the facts. They thought our election is like their "Democratic" process. Nobody ever explain to them our major distortion of Democracy. They had no idea of the Anti-democratic sets of Article of Constitution.
    I challenge every country to look through its own Constitution. I guarantee that no country will find or tolerate such Laws as exist in Thailand's Constitution. If we had told them about these 3 notorious articles their point of view may have been changed. They most likely will understand the need for "Reform before Election", the current talk-of-the-town. I suggest may be our legalistic scholars don't have any real understanding of "Principle of Democracy", hence the silent.
    I will further suggest that we should let the world know how these 3 Constitution Articles had allowed massive corruptions by those in power. Thai Politicians are nothing but highly paid member of a gang of profiteers and must do what the Party Leader wish. The Financiers/Owners of the Party can named anybody, including their husbands or wives, to be the heads of any Department or Ministry with Parliament approval, 100% of the time. No member of parliament ever show objection to the bosses' wishes. They "all" receive monthly lucrative bonuses in addition to their normal "tax-payer financed" salaries. These Constitution Articles even allow the country to be controlled from abroad by the fugitive ex-Prime Minister. No member of the party can voice any objection.
    This is the result of the Laws that were drafted without real "Knowledge and Experience". The rampant problems in Thailand's legal professionals and scholars. The Laws that are the root of all evils in Thailand's Political System.
    I hereby stress my believe that—if other countries knew about these Laws, they will not be supportive of the last election.
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