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    Mexican Flag Allow over American flag not in American High School

    This Photograph was sent to, Oak High School in California. The American flag which is encased in a frame in which I have owned for over 45 years is deteriorating as you can see by the photograph. What the flag represents has not and the patriotism of my country never will. It is my sworn duty which I have taken numerous times by both to defend her from foreign and domestic enemies which I am very proud of doing have done and will do. Oak High School in California, too many American Veterans have lost their lives in blood battles time and time again to defend this flag.
    You are cowards. You are American cowards. You are truly traitors to what you were sworn to defend. As a school district which is in the United States of America which honor and freedom for what this country represents. You are truly cowards, if you cannot as a district control your students during the year and you choose to disgrace and deter American kids who are enrolled in your school from the offending their freedom of speech by wearing an American flag you are truly in the wrong business.
    As an American veteran once again you are cowards. If you cannot control your children that your problem if you cannot teach them in your schools that your problem and responsibility. If you take away their freedom of speech and remove my country's flag that's my problem.
    If 9/11 comes around which killed more people in the attack on Pearl Harbor and there is Taliban students want to represent and demonstrate their flag and cultures, will you remove the American flag from children then who want to demonstrate their own heritage of what they were brought up in in their country which is in California United States of America.
    If by some reason there was a uprising from the old Japanese Imperial Army and their kids want to demonstrate on December 7, 1941 the day Pearl Harbor was attacked and we lost over 3000 soldiers at that attack would you ask the children who are wearing American flags to remove them?
    Truly you are a disgusting and shameful district to be intimidated by outside forces of America and not represent what freedom really is and disgrace the thousands and thousands of American servicemen and women who died fighting for this country. Best way to describe you is four words.
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