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    Posted March 1, 2014 by
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    Ukraine unrest

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     MaiaKiev wrote an impassioned essay in reaction to Russian lawmakers ok-ing the use of military force in Ukraine. She says Ukrainians are still mourning the loss of those who died during the clashes in Kiev. But now tensions are mounding as Ukrainians grow concerned over a potential intervention by Russia. 'Ukrainian military have not given Putin an excuse to make an aggressive attack,' she said. 'Ten days ago we were surrounded on Maidan by 20,000 riot police and situation seemed hopeless for protesters, but then for no apparent reason riot police retreated and president Yanukovich ran. The system that looked unbeatable got defeated. We pray that the same will happen this time.'
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    Today Russian Federation Council approved Putin’s request to start military intervention in Ukraine. Eighty-seven Parliament members voted approval as one and then greeted that decision with standing ovation! How cynical and sick is this? To cheer the beginning of war!


    What did we do to deserve this military invasion? We didn’t kill a single Russian soldier, we didn’t take over any of their resources or land. We just had a week as a free country! And this was enough for Russia to announce war with unanimous vote! What they hate us for? For freedom? For different thinking? What justifies the war against Ukraine in the eyes of Russians on March 1, 2014?


    Ukrainians compare Putin’s official explanation for military invasion (protection of Russians in Crimea) with Hitler’s speech on Feb 20, 1938, where he announced that Reich will defend the rights of Germans in neighboring countries who were unable to protect their political and spiritual freedom. That Hitler’s speech was a signal of beginning of World War II.


    In 1994 Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons. Russia, US and UK became guarantors of independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Now that Russia is attacking, US and EU are merely expressing concerns. Ukrainians are beginning to think that they will be left alone to deal with crazy Putin who seems to believe that he is above any international laws and agreements. As of now, Putin refuses to participate in any international diplomatic negotiations regarding Ukraine.


    People in Ukraine are very concerned, scared - war has not been a part of reality of the lives of our generation. In Kiev we are still recovering from shock of 100 deaths last week during protests and now we are seeing in our nightmares a possibility of hundreds of casualties in military conflict! Our friends are in panic in southern and eastern regions where Russian troops are advancing on Ukrainian ground – even without official announcement of war. The analysts are saying that Putin’s plans are not just Crimea, but taking over Kiev. Tonight men in Kiev are lining up near military offices volunteering to be drafted. How can we go to bed today knowing that tomorrow we will wake up to see Russian tanks on our streets?! Ukraine is Europe and it's 2014!!!


    Many Ukrainians are saying, “If Putin takes such extreme measures, it means he is losing (lost) all the power leverage in Ukraine. It means we are on the right path of freedom. We only need to stand against one more very heavy blow. We will have to take it alone. We might not get any help from anybody. But Putin might break his neck over Ukraine”.


    We do hope we don’t need to face this threat alone. We are asking international community to come to help, to stop this evil! You might be thinking that Ukraine is not that important, it’s not that strategic, it’s not worth getting into messy disagreement with Putin. But every time the world allows this monster to feed on another country, to annex another area from an independent state (Moldova, Georgia, now Ukraine), you are allowing this monster to grow. You think Putin is too far from your country? Maybe in 1938 a lot of people felt that Hitler was far away from them too.

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