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    Wintry weather 2014

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    Baby its Cold Outside


    Whether (no pun intended) you believe in man made Climate Change (formerly known as Global Warming) or that it is just the natural cycle of the earths weather as we float through the cosmos one thing is abundantly clear.


    It seems no one can give us a real answer as to what the human contribution to climate change is. In the 1970's climatologists were warning of an impending Ice Age that would arrive by 2014, while today we have climatologists warning of the impending perils of Global Warming that will sink our coastal cities and kill off all of the Polar Bears.


    To date it seems the Farmers Almanac has been far more accurate than all of our modern scientific models.


    Here is an excerpt on some recent findings:


    Farmers' Almanac More Reliable Than Warming Climate Models


    Last fall, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Prediction Center (CPC) predicted above-normal temperatures from November through January across much of the continental U.S. The Farmers' Almanac, first published in 1818, predicted a bitterly cold, snowy winter.


    The Maine-based Farmers' Almanac's still-secret methodology includes variables such as planetary positions, sunspots, lunar cycles and tidal action. It claims an 80% accuracy rate, surely better than those who obsess over fossil fuels and CO2.




    Here is an excerpt from the Farmers Alamac:


    Over the past century, climatic conditions have run from cool in the 1900s to warm in the '30s to cool in the '60s to warm in the '80s, and many of us have come to believe that mankind has been responsible for the swings. Scientists have blamed us for generating warming greenhouse gases, then polluting the air with sun-blocking particulates, and raising temperatures through urbanization, deforestation, and greenhouse gases.


    There is another possible explanation for—or, at least, influence on—climate change. This involves natural factors, most notably the Sun and Earth's oceans. We at the Almanac are among those who believe that sunspot cycles and their effects on oceans correlate with climate changes. Studying these and other factors suggests that a cold, not warm, climate may be in our future.




    So which is it, and what if any are us humans contributing to this so called Climate Change?




    I think trusting the time proven predictions of the Farmers Almanac is a far safer bet than trusting the proven faulty claims of our modern day climatologists.

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