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    Posted March 2, 2014 by
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    Ukraine unrest

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    Illegal Russia

    It is already clearly visible that at this point in time March 3, 2014 the Russian Federation earned the status of an aggressor in Europe. The worst type of aggressor which goes against all principles and norms of international law; the type of aggressor that uses the tragic political, economic and social situation of a weak democracy in a neighboring country to invade it and breach its sovereignty; the type of aggressor that is willing to engage in a military conflict that will have an outcome of thousands of casualties on both sides and a divided Europe; the type of aggressor that is willing to attack for no reason a brother nation; the type of aggressor in which its own people is a direct accomplice to the aggression due to its inaction – a profound illegal and immoral nation country.
    It is futile to analyze all the agreements and international treaties and norms and simple basic human laws that Putin administration are breaking in the name of Russia’s infamous past, imperialism, violence, manipulation and soviet type criminal system rule - to which apparently Russian politicians are deeply attached.
    Unfortunately, Russia is now a type of bully nation that it is bullying weaker nations not for pocket change but for the wallet. The Ukrainian issue is just the beginning of re-instauration of the Russian influence based on fear, blackmail and violent interventionism in Europe: let’s call it the “Red Doctrine” of the Outlaw.
    The main objectives of the Red Doctrine for Europe are instability in Europe (i.g. Transnistria, Belarus, and now Ukraine) and a weak Europe with deep divisions in the decision making process. The entire situation which is now developing in EUROPE (I still have issues in really understanding how is this possible in 21 century) is a clear image of the future of the continent and the actions that will be taken by the EU and US are the preview of the future Europe.
    The present Europe unfortunately is a deeply divided defenseless continent with an unclear role of the EU (also defenseless) that is not able to enforce and maintain the basic rules of law at its own borders.
    The past Europe we all know and remember. Nevertheless, it is still confusing to see and understand in which Europe we are now living due to the following issues to which present Europe needs to find an answer for the sake of the future Europe:
    - are we still allowing aggressors to dictate in Europe?
    - are we still over thinking basic principles of law and delay legal actions?
    - are we still allowing the use of the national minority question to accept military intervention?
    - are we still thinking that we keep peace if we allow an aggressor to break a law (invade a country)? etc.
    Considering the above, some truths emerge and will always be applicable no matter what:
    1. When LAW becomes an empty word VIOLENCE will prevail;
    2. When different rules apply to legally equal subjects, that legal system will not survive the test of time, peace and prosperity;
    3. When aggressors are not stopped from the beginning wars are being born;
    4. When the option of war is at the discretion of one man, there is no security or international legal order;
    5. When the UN is only dealing with “clean water programs” and forgets its core principles of existence – keeping the world safe – there is no protection and “United Nations” is only a cool name.
    6. Ukraine is not Georgia.
    Considering all of the above let’s hope that the Russian people will REFUSE to take part in the illegal and immoral actions that their government is now orchestrating in Ukraine and will put an end to the matusalemic rule of the Outlaw.
    Russia as well as Ukraine belongs in the civilized world where the rule of law is not an empty word and violence is not an option.
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