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    Posted March 2, 2014 by
    NYC, New York
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    Ukraine unrest

    Putin plans to checkmate US

    Putin sends a warship to within striking distance of US, before invading Ukraine. Russia's major formidable adversary, is the US. Hence it makse sense for putin to send a warship close to US in an attempt to counteract a possible US/ NATO military counteraction to it's military operation in Ukraine. The questions that begs for answers are; What kind of misiles are abord the Russian warship docked in Cuba? Are there nuclear weapons aboard that ship, what is the real threat posed by that warship to the Americam people if the worst case senario were to play out, and God forbid, Russia decides to go all out for war agains the US. Does the US have the capability to neutralize this ship and its war arsenal on board before any misile land on US soil? Does the US have submarines or warships close to, or within striking distance of Moscow? What about the Iranian warship close to the US. Do these two countries, have a common plan, or is it just a big coincidence that both countries decided to send warships toward the US. If it is a common plan between them, then who else is involved? Do we expect North Korea, and other US enemies to be part of this grand plan of Putin to build back his dear lost Soviet Union?
    I believe these are the questions that begs to be answered, before talk of diplomatic resolution with Mr Putin who is clearly the sole force to recon with in Russia. I think the American people deserve to be reassured, that their Government is able to, and will not hesitate to neutralize what seem to be a quiet threat building up while the press is being distracted with news and visuals of Russian troops invading Ukraine.
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