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    Posted March 2, 2014 by
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    Ukraine unrest

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    Ukraine will stand to the end


    As Russia continues its intervention, Ukrainian authorities have taken the decision to mobilize its army in order to be ready for the worst scenary possible.BUT! We stay calm. We won't react to these provocations. We won't start the war that we don't want.


    Let me give you some points on the ongoing situation.


    1. Crimea is occupied by the Russian militarians.
    Half an hour ago Russian militarians started the assault of Sevastopol Ukrainian regiment. Protection of Russian citizens? Provocation.


    2. Journalists from other regions can hardly reach the peninsula to give the objective information. Crimea is informatically isolated.
    Ukrainian militarians in Crimea were offered to leave their arms and to get the protection of Russians as well as Russian passports. But the former have refused. And we are proud of them.


    3. Who has installed the Russian flag on Kharkiv administration? - A young man from Moscow. Not a Ukrainian. Here is his profile on vk: http://vk.com/venoru
    All these provocations are organized by Russian people to give V.Putin the reason for intervention.


    4.Even if there are those, who prefer Russia to EU, they would never aim at dividing Ukraine! They would never destroy the monuments to the heros of Maidan, as they did in Dnipropetrovsk. All these people come from Russia, are sent by Russia, represent the interests of Russia. I don't know what pushes these people, who are simple citizens, to come to the country that doesn't belong to them and to proclaim ideas that contradicts to the sovereignty of our State.


    5. At the moment, the war has already started. Neither hot nor cold. INFOWAR. I do know a lot of Russian people, I can read the information given in Russian mass media and all I can tell you - people get a very very distorted representation of what is really going on here. That is why, we, Ukrainians and patriots of our country do our best to share the information and not to let Russian propaganda puzzle the whole world.


    A lot of Ukrainian groups on social networks are blocked by Russian special services in order not to let people spread the truth about all these events.


    We are not under the control of terrorists. We are not terrorists. We don't need to be protected.


    6. Chechnya, Abhazia, Dagestan, Osetia - isn't it enough to understand that V.Putin has no peacemaking intentions?


    7. Russian people are our brothers. And we don't blame them for the actions of their government. There are a lot representatives of Russian intelligentsia who have expressed their indignation with the actions of their President.
    Aren't those politicians who support V.Putin fed up with his wilfulness? Who will stop him from his ambitious encroachment on our independency and freedom. We don't mind him doing whatever he wants on the territory of his Empire. But not on ours.


    Our men are getting ready to protect our Motherland if this will be the case. But NO ONE wants this war. .


    I beg all the people who read it to share this article with their friends all over the world so that everyone knows the truth.


    Pray for Ukraine.
    We need your help.

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