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    Posted March 2, 2014 by
    Oxford, North Carolina

    Creedmoor, NC Police Sgt. Varn will not face charges based on an internal investigation of Creedmoor Police department

    Creedmoor, NC February 14, 2014 ( James Harper) -- The Creedmoor, NC police officer who striked a woman infront of CVS Pharamcy Creedmoor, NC will not face charges based on an internal investigation of Creedmoor Police department: An internal investigation to which the victim Joanne Harper nor witness (James Harper) was ever interviewed by investigating officer of incident Ricky C. Cates, Lieutenant Investigator /Interim Chief.
    Creedmoor, NC police officer Sgt. Varn communicated to Jennifer L. Meadows RN on 02/14/2014 at 2308 he did strike Mrs. Joanne Harper with his hand on the shoulder and stated none of his officers would not be coming out Granville Medical Center to take a report and she could file a report during normal business hours at the police department.
    In an effort to pursue justice after Mrs. Harper being assualted by Creedmoor, NC police officer Sgt. Varn; unlawfally detained Mrs. Harper and family; threatening Mrs. Harper and family with arrest without reason and then speaking they meaning the Harper family were making this a racial situation, using a false statement to dispatch to run vechile information on vechile in which Mr. Harper was sitting in the driver seat.
    Mrs. Harper along with her disable husband James Harper and their one year old child proceeded with the following steps. February 14, 2014
    Reporting the incident to Creedmoor police department immediatey after being release by Creedmoor, NC police officer Sgt. Varn: to which the department did not make a report.
    Proceed to Granville Medical Center because of Mrs. Harper asserting pain in the area striked by by Creedmoor police officer Sgt. Varn.
    Communicated incident to Granville Medical Center staffed.
    Mr. Harper took images of injury point to Mrs. Harper from by Sgt. Varn attack
    Mrs. Harper taken to Xray
    Mrs. Harper taken to room for treatment: Given narcotic medication for pain; Sling for Arm; Given general description of injuries by attending PA, instructions to followup with Primary Doctor or go to refferral
    Jennifer L. Meadows RN on 02/14/2014 Creedmoor police notified refused to respond. Statement recorded by presiding of incharge of shift Creedmoor, NC police officer Sgt. Varn.
    NOTE: No officer came to record assualt incident. Mr. Harper makes assertion to call police. County Sheriff would not record incident. County stated this is a Creedmoor matter and that creedmoor is required to record incident.
    Contacted: Creedmoor, NC police during normal business hours still no response to assualt to Mrs. Harper
    Contact attorney to contact police and City Manager:
    Thomas H. Mercer refused to comment on matter and referred matter to city attorney.
    (02/24/2014) City attorney affirmed to our attorney police officer say they got to CVS Pharmacy the police that Mrs. Harper and other unindentifed female were pulled to the side and release with no altercation. Being they resolved a hot situation the police went on their way. They were not aware of any incident that occurred of Mrs. Harper being assualted.
    (02/25/2014) Contacted Magistrate Granville County to file charge of assualt on Creedmoor, NC police officer Sgt. Varn. Magistrate inform us being the Harper family. That he could not place a charge of assualt on a police officer. He said that only the District Attorney could place a charge of assulat on a officer.
    (02/25/2014) Contacted Samuel B. Currin, III District Attorney's Office in Judicial District 9, which encompasses all of Granville, Vance, Warren and Franklin Counties we gave his office medical information of the injury produced by Creedmoor, NC police officer Sgt. Varn assualt on my with inculding the statement of Sgt. Varn to Jennifer L. Meadows RN at Granville Medical Center.
    (02/26/2014) We mean Mrs. Harper and James Harper spoke indepth with Samuel B. Currin, III District Attorney's Office in Judicial District 9 about the incident which happened where Creedmoor, NC police officer Sgt. Varn assualt Joanne Harper infront of CVS Pharamcy Creedmoor.
    We went indepth we include aspects of the incident. How if the police vechile cameras were running they would have recorded the entire incident.
    We also remarked that if CVS external security cameras were on the would have recorded the incident.
    We described how the assualt from Creedmoor, NC police officer Sgt. Varn was unprovoced by Mrs. Harper; How the Harper family was unlawfally detained; threats of unlawful arrest, tanting maner of the Sgt. Varn in relation controlling the incident. We talked about all this and more.
    To ensure we could recall our conversation - we recorded most if not all conversation including conversations with the Magistrate Granville County and District Attorney Judicial District 9
    Samuel B. Currin, III District Attorney's Office in Judicial District 9, refuses to charge Creedmoor, NC police officer Sgt. Varn with assualt even with eye witness statement, victim, husband eye witness, declaration from the offender and medical information.
    Now I James Harper must ask the community for help. My wife has come through a lot of turmoil in a short period of time the lost of her mother the surrounding conditions; and has overcome hurdles I could not. She has overcome so much and I fear this will break her road to recovery in her life. I used to be a Engineering technician for a very good company for greater than five years. I am disable from my job for more than six months now and will unlike. My wife has been my care giver. She takes care of all the house duties to which I cannot and has made it a point to help bring income to help provide for what my disability pay would, she has focus on returning to school to provide for us.
    I need help because at this point chaos is in control. My wife is severely injured from the assault which effects out household in a dramatic way. I have had to become my wife's care giver hoping that her injury is short term but I doubt it will be such.
    More devastating my 1 year saw the assault from Creedmoor, NC police officer Sgt. Varn on her mother an it has effected her sleeping pattern along with the way she interacts specific male individuals. I do not want another to suffer this injustice Please investigate
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    Phone# 919 333 6922
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