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    Posted March 2, 2014 by

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    Protest Against Injustice!


    Dear Readers,

    My name is Nancy Kan. I have lived in Oahu, Hawaii since 1987. Currently I am a resident of Aiea. University Health Alliance (UHA) was my former employer, and I was terminated on 9/6/2013 by UHA due to my complaint of experienced hazing at workplace. Termination was a part of UHA’s retaliations against me.


    In April and May 2012, I complained harassment at workplace to the top three executive officers, but they disregarded it instead they have done a few crimes and many wrong doings against me as retaliations.


    UHA terminated me, but they didn’t terminate their own wrong doings. They continue to play tricks to harass me at my residence of Aiea. They have conducted small aircrafts to fly over my roof or nearby my roof 20 times daily. In order to torture me more, they hired a young lady who was arranged to live in my house downstairs with my tenants in October last year. Since then she has been living in my house for over four months.


    Her duty is to spying on me (for example, hacking my house’s computers and telephones; sabotaging my writing and sending emails and online works; installing hidden cameras), to testing me (for example, by using a breath device to measure my breath for detecting my reactions towards the noises), and harassing me (for example, making a “ji, ji” sound when I enter the restroom several times daily). Could you please verify these with records on the intranet of my lawsuit?


    (How to get the intranet address? Please contact UHA’s CEO Howard Lee at 808-532-2526 or contact UHA at 808-532-4000 (asking Howard to call you back in case they refuse to provide it).)


    I have a lawsuit which was opened at the end of 2012. This lawsuit is special and unique in Hawaii that my lawyer and legal panel don’t contact me at all instead they contact UHA daily. In fact, my lawsuit has been kept as a secret from me. I have felt unfair and desperate. (I confirmed with Dr. Suzuki on 6/27/2013. She said, “Yes, there is a lawsuit.”)


    I detest and abhor the endless “testing” because the “testing” = Harassing! UHA’s Executives and Employees have already tested me for one year, and there is no sign that they want to stop. Obviously, by conducting “testing”, they try to cover up their real motivation that is to harass me and torture me more until I couldn’t bear and give up.


    Why they need “testing”? They have already committed a few crimes and many wrong doings against me. Clearly, the “testing” is useless for covering up for their crimes and wrong doings, but it simply leads them for achieving their ultimate goal – to postpone my settlement again and again till my lawsuit is dismissed.


    Dear readers, do you agree that crimes should be punished and wrong doings should be penalized? I hopelessly and desperately need your help to stop UHA’s Testing, Spying, and Harassing! Please help me to settle my lawsuit now!


    Thank you very much!

    Nancy Kan

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