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    Dear Stand Your Ground America continued.



    but cannot because something may happen that'll make it better; we literally cannot move and everything comes to a halt in our home. It's only in this state that you can see things really clearly because during the trial we are listening after the verdict we are watching.

    One sees the hatred and smugness of the accuser that makes them capable of killings and you wonder why all the jurors didn't see it? At this point the numbness is a welcoming non feeling because it helps beat back the anger that's not far off and it is in that moment we pray.

    We look to our higher power

    We pray that we don't react foolishly or with malice because we know that's what most of you expect from us. We pray that we can continue to have an objective view of the Caucasian we live near and work with. We pray no one else feels threatened when we allow our children out. We pray to God to see us through this mess because this isn't easy and it never leaves you. American we go through a gambit of emotions during the trial's process from the beginning to the end because that child killed belonged to all of us in our minds. Those lives lost represent each one of our own children.

    See you all look at this world through much different eyes than we do. You think you are entitled to everything in this country and it's that sense of entitlement that make some of you say foolish things and some do heinous things. How does one in this present day still think they have some imaginary right to dictate the behaviors and actions of someone other than themselves? The EWP (Executive White Privilege) factor was in full effect when Zimmerman and Dunn confronted Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. These were teenagers out doing what teenagers do and not bothering anyone while the two men were out with their EWP cocked and loaded. The fact that these two men didn't feel these teenagers were entitled to live, is shocking!! What’s even more shocking, most of America don’t see anything wrong!

    As I close this letter, to you all who hide behind a law that's made especially for your type of cowardliness, the irony of this situation you created isn't lost on us. Take a moment and think about how historically, it is you who have been the most violent yet you fear people of color. We have more to fear from you and yes, when you take our beautiful brown babies lives it hurts, it hurts all of us like hell.

    A Grieving Fearful Mother

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