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    Posted March 3, 2014 by
    Mombasa, Kenya

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    This is a fundamental human rights violation where the police have failed to present a Kenyan Civilian in Court whom they arrested on grounds of attending alleged 'jihad' classes. The Kenyan police have done nothing but terrorize the people of Mombasa, inciting fear among the locals by using extreme force on the youth as young as 12 year old. Under a command of shoot to kill, the Kenyan police raided a Mosque on Sunday Feb 2, 2014 in Mombasa, killing more than seven, wounding tens of young men and arresting more than one hundred believers gathered in the mosque including young children aged between 9 and 12. Hemed Salim is one of the many arrested and dragged brutally into the police car, however, the police have delivered contradictory statements to his whereabouts. Initially they admitted to having him attending to medical care due to the injuries he sustained, today they claim that he might have escaped. It is to everyone's knowledge that the Kenyan Constitution under chapter 5 demands that :

    71—(1) No person shall be deprived of his life
    intentionally save in execution of the sentence of a court
    in respect of criminal offence under the law of Kenya of
    which he has been convicted.

    Hemed Salim is a citizen on Kenya. A brother, a son, a relative and a friend to many. He was not in possession of any weapon nor was he fighting back the police as proven by photos taken during the time of arrest. He barely had a shirt on yet again the Kenyan police failed to arrest a civilian in accordance to the Law. They subjected him to severe beating in public, clearly belittling human dignity, a culture they have grown accustomed to during their operations. His disappearance raises more questions to every Kenyan Citizen and Human Rights Activists:

    1. To what extent can the citizens of Kenya put trust in the Kenyan Police Force to secure their right to life and security if the Police acts against the Constitution and breaks the law?

    2. According to the Kenyan Constitution:
    74 —(1) No person shall be subject to torture or to
    inhuman or degrading punishment or other treatment.
    71 —(1) No person shall be deprived of his life
    intentionally save in execution of the sentence of a court
    in respect of criminal offence under the law of Kenya of
    which he has been convicted.
    How can the public uphold a constitution if the Police do not abide by it?

    3. What have the Police done with Hemed Salim that they Can not dare to speak out in Court?

    This is a critical issue at hand, a test to the Government of Kenya and an opportunity for the President to show that he represents all regardless of race, religion and county. For all those who support Humanity and basic Human Rights, your silence means compliance with the oppressors.
    The family of Hemed, The Mombasa Community and Haki Africa demand that we collectively act now to ensure that this event does not re-occur in future. Human Rights must be Protected especially in a democratic state. Your Signature can help bring justice and peace back to Mombasa and push the authorities to present Hemed Salim whether dead or alive as it is completely inhuman to leave a family wondering for more than 17 days whether their son holding a Kenyan Identity Card is alive or not in the hands of the Police. It is absurd to claim he escaped when he was last seen in the hands of the POLICE and INSIDE A POLICE LORRY. We want the truth and Respect to Humanity. NO blood should be considered cheap. Hemed Salim is Innocent until proven guilty in Court so WHERE IS HE?? The WORLD demands to Know.

    Abdi sama
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