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    Posted March 3, 2014 by
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    Ukraine unrest

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    One more examples given how the german government slaved their own folk by giving them forbidden

    and poisoned drugs produced by major german pharma concerns.It seems like also the russians and other eastern block sympatisants are

    inside the politics. They have buildt up a special service called "SPD" , named as the famous partie SPD. They take

    the human rights of human beings without no reasons. I am a victim of those special forces too and was placed into the former known

    as hidden experimentals places. They hide those places into normal hospitals.

    The german and the russian regime is suspected and formally known as racists worldwide. Of course you can not blame every citizen.

    The moslims living in germany are also involved into this impact. They deny all results and did not even tell thee truth about

    the 09/11 savas attack and try to make up a cospiracy theory, so that many germans starts hating the U.S.A.

    Angela Merkel is supected to work together with the as terrorists searched "Abu Jaka" - Familly.

    She invited one of the sons "Bushido" into the German "Bundestag" in 2011. Afterwards the situation in Germany changed dramatically.

    The racism in each etnic group living in Germany raises up to a comparable level like in the 1930´s . The education

    system is on the lowest stand ever and the politics still deny the situation in front of their citizens. Another main problem

    is the german music industry, wich is supporting "Milli Vanilli" Acts and deny the way they have been buildt up. Nearly none real artist

    in this country got the possibility to release their own music with success. But in nearly every corner you got

    bitet music. Especially in the Hip Hop industry, wich is leading now to big problems with the owners of the intellectual

    property of the conscience of their lyriks. It is a ahame to talk about a "Ghetto" in a country where everyone can get a flat including

    a minimum amount of money to live without doing nothing. Especially this fact leads to the biggest problems of the working people,

    wich could not get the loan they should receive, while workless people driving around the city in limousine stuff.

    The government know about it, like it is above mentioned but they can´t or won´t do nothing about it. Even the governeur of berlin

    is a famous consument of "Speed" while he let arrest his dealers afterwards. This is Germany in 2014 and now the Ukraine conflict starts up.

    I would ask one more time for honestly and true researches about the real world situation. Thank you for reading this article.

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