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    Weight Loss Book Reveals How A Teenager Discovered That The Brain Runs Only on One Source of Energy


    The Astonishing Key To Losing Weight may well lie inside your brain.


    Have you ever heard about how easy it is to lose weight? "Just follow these directions, add water and boom! The weight is gone."

    Not so, says professional weight loss adviser, trainer and author of the book Shred Body Fat, James Chappel. Most people are so used to hearing about the latest weight loss craze that they develop an "ad-blindness." This is brought upon by having tried all the products, diets and exercise scams on the market, then being less than satisfied with the results. Too many let-downs and broken promises thrown at you by the weight loss industry can only lead to one thing, retreat.

    So what do we normally do? We go back to basics and join a gym.

    After a few months of pounding the pavements in a gym, and a few hundreds dollars in coaching expense, the results we see are still minimal. So, our gym sessions become less frequent, until we decide we are ready to pick it up again and try even harder. Once again, the end result is a similar one. Disappointment. What's worse is that this normally continues for a couple years.

    Sound all too familiar?

    All that time and hard work! There has to be, not only an easier way, but a smarter way.

    Fortunately, James says he knows the answer, and how anyone can lose as much weight as they want. He also says it can be done in the most natural way possible. How does he know this for certain? He knows it because he has done it himself, and taught thousands of others how to do it too.

    As an overweight teenager, James was motivated beyond comprehension. He was able to overcome obesity and can now boast a ripped set of six pack abs as testament to his success.

    So what is the secret sauce?

    James is a HUGE proponent of carbohydrates in our diet. The thought of carbohydrate puts fear into the minds of many people who are suffocated by their never-ending weight loss battle. The weight loss industry has villainized carbohydrates, and for years, the media has led us to believe that carbs = fat. In other words, carbohydrate is responsible for the majority of us being overweight.

    However, this could not be further from the truth.

    James announces a little known secret in his book Shred Body Fat. A secret that very few people know, and one that even the top bioscientists in the world decide to keep to themselves. This secret is that the human brain only uses one source of energy as its fuel, and you guessed it...that fuel is carbohydrate.

    James says, for most of my clients, the very first step is simply to erase the notoriety associated with carbohydrates, in relation to their weight loss problem. This wipes the slate clean (so to speak), and it means being able to start fresh with them. Every second after that, is a step in the right direction, which inevitably leads to their success. "I do not use the word 'success' lightly, either," says James. "I define success as reaching your permanent fat loss goal and removing weight loss as an issue in your life, once and for all."

    In the highest court of law, any debate over weight loss or weight gain can quickly be resolved by these words, "Carbohydrate is the only source of fuel that the human brain uses as energy." When planning any weight loss strategy, this should always be the starting point.

    In his book Shred Body Fat, James goes further into depth about how you can use carbohydrates to program your body to lose real body fat, every single day, until you have the body you want. The beauty of real fat loss is that it is permanent. No yo-yo's here.

    "There is no mystery to fat-loss. When you apply the right procedures, permanent weight loss is guaranteed," promises James Chappel.

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