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    Posted March 4, 2014 by
    Glen Cove, New York
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Do you eat ethically?

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    "Comida Hispana" Bodega vs. Deli..

    I am lucky to live in an area where there is a lot of ethnic diversity. One of the places I like to patronize is the Vallarta Deli. down the hill from my apt.. The owner is quite a guy. He gave me the run down on how his business got started as it is very popular in the area with all cultures, which incorporates, American, Italian, Irish, Hispanic, Mexican and so on. He tries to combine something for everyone.
    He told me he came to America 16 years ago from Salvador to try to make his mark. His family ran a small restaurant, business in his native country, and after trying several trades here, landscaping, painting, etc. to make a living he went back to his roots, the food business, and I think he is a natural.
    You can get just about anything at his establishment, all the good stuff, rice, beans, vegetables, potatoes, chicken, meat, even spaghetti with a Spanish American flair as he tries to show his appreciation for his patronize by making food the locals like. He even has Irish stew, the Spanish spaghetti, with low on the food chain sliced hotdogs if you like.
    He will fill your tray from any of the food groups, however, you like, sometimes even mixing two starches, such as rice and potatoes, with some carrots, which is what I get often.
    In #2 you will notice he made a tray for a patron, red beans, white rice, small amount beef, slice lime, slice of white cheese, and large helping Pico De Gallo. he also sells fresh avacados, bananas, breads, sweets.
    He told me he gets his produce, etc. from good local suppliers, as his dishes are always clean, fresh and top of the line.
    I like that I can go in there and for a very low price pick a meal designed to order without making a fuss. He will put everything together as with a deli, I dont' get that option. I have to buy a half pound of this or that, and do it at home and does not have this variety which leans towards vegetables, rice, beans, and very tasty, spiced right, etc. Plus I relax more in places like this and this is where my eating ethically comes in, I need to be able to relax and make the food choices that suit me.
    He also told me it is a family run operation, with relatives, etc, that help out. He just opened up Puerto Vallarta, a Mexican restaurant across the street..
    The last picture is of the Spanish style light sauce, spaghetti he makes with some vegetables I never head of form his country but I like the way they taste.
    March 4, 2014.
    Thank you..
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