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    A powerful message from President Yayi Boni on the social situation in Benin

    A powerful message from the President of Benin
    Dr YAYI Boni to the Nation on the social situation in Benin.

    The President YAYI Boni took advantage on February 28th, the anniversary of the National Conference of Historical Forces of the Nation in February 1990, to address the Nation on the social crisis the country.

    Dear Beninese Compatriots,

    On this day, February 28th, 2014, the anniversary of the solemn closing of the Historic National Conference of Forces Vives 1990, the founder of our democracy event, I decided to speak to you and take you to witness the face of social unrest led some unions of our common dear country, Benin.

    As you know, my dear fellow, in recent weeks, our beloved country, Benin, is going through a social crisis due to the work stoppage decided by central trade union confederations and after public demonstrations not authorized by the Departmental Authority against legal provisions.

    On the grounds that civil liberties are endangered, some union officials provoked movements in vain to release the paralysis of government. However, due to their determination disturbances were observed by location.

    Despite sectoral consultations between ministers and unions with negotiations between government, central and confederations in the presence of facilitators in order to find a favorable outcome to the strike. The discussions held since February 5, 2014 did not reslove the issues because of the requirements maintained by the union relating among other complaints, to full restitution of write-offs made from the wages of January and February 2014 in respect of strike days in January.

    My Dear Compatriots,

    With respect for the people of Benin, our institutions and our democracy for each and everyone of you, I always speak a language of truth concerning the future of our Nation. It is in this same spirit that I still want to speak to you today.

    The right to strike is an achievement of our democracy and my government will respect the right of workers to the extent that it is exercised under the conditions defined by law.

    The question that arises is whether the strikes are being exercised under the conditions of legality. To our mind the answer is negative.

    Indeed, the onset of these strikes was done in violation of Articles 3 , 4, 6 and 7 of the Law on the exercise of the right to strike in the Republic of Benin and define the procedure in this area.

    It’s my constitutional responsibility to respect and guarantee the implementation of the laws of the Republic and in accordance with Article 59 of our Constitution, I, with my government opted initially to undertake payroll deduction in the strict application of the laws of the Republic on the one hand and to avoid in a spirit of justice to penalize the majority of workers who continued to carry out their obligations republican on the other hand. At the same time, my Government is heckled in its mission to preserve social peace, stability and shared prosperity necessary conditions for the creation of jobs for young people and women for the elimination of poverty in our countries.

    My dear compatriots,

    This is the place to remember the efforts of my Government since 2006 to improve the lives and work of agents of the State. Thus, from 2006 to 2013, the wage bill has almost tripled from 135 billion in 2006 to 300 billion in 2013 while seven years ago, the same payrolls increased by only 11 %, that is to say, from 1998 to 2005.

    At the same time, the share of payroll allocated to teachers exceeds 55 % in 2013 against 44% in 2006. This effort does not include construction from 1000 classrooms per year.

    As for the demands of a salary , they do not stand the test of an objective analysis based on facts showing the efforts of my Government since 2006 to improve the conditions of service of workers.

    Furthermore, I must point out that the initiators of this strike are the very ones who in 2011 signed an agreement with the government under which they pledged to stay the wage demands until the end of the 2014 against the acceptance by the Government of installment payment of 25% appreciation of the index point.

    My dear compatriots,

    Where is then the merits of the current claims of certain plants and confederations?

    Otherwise, do not we must seek the true mobile elsewhere? I leave it to the unions themselves to answer these questions.

    Beninese people, for its part, is not fooled . He is convinced that these strikes are part of a comprehensive plan to tarnish the image of Benin, its institutions and its democracy with the result , the destabilization of our democratic system and the questioning of national cohesion.

    My dear compatriots,

    As you can see, these movements strikes are a major concern because they go to the heart of our educational system , the foundation of the future of our nation.

    Although these movements have not reached the expected by the organizers , every child in Benin , where he is, has the right to education, protection and defense of their rights which extent the prerogative of government.

    Ultimately, the real victims of these walkouts, far from their initiators are rather our patients , our individuals, our users administration, our women, young people and especially our children.

    Do we have the right to jeopardize the future of these children?

    My dear compatriots,

    On the anniversary of the end of the historic National Conference in February 1990, a symbol of the spirit of consensus and reconciliation and forgiveness responding to the cry of the heart and appeal of religious denominations, wise, crowned heads of our country, of parents and many anonymous people, I decided in my capacity as President of the Republic responsibly and in a gesture of peace to make restitution of write-offs in 2014 and operated notwithstanding any procedural irregularities that marred the start of the strikes and the issues of any evidence to foreign corporate interests of workers.

    This decision is an expression of the will of my government to maintain dialogue with all sections of our society for the preservation of peace and social cohesion, constitutional obligation vested in the President of the Republic and an essential condition for sustainable development of our country.

    Such a decision can not be interpreted as a setback, much less a capitulation. It is rather the affirmation of the high sense of responsibility must prevail in the management of affairs of our common country. Ultimately, it is our known for his legendary sense of responsibility and constant search for peace. It is even the victory of those who have agreed to continue to work and all workers and leaders of the union confederations have called to work for human security in our country.

    That is why I express on behalf of the Nation thanks for this patriotic and civic behavior. I also extend my thanks to the facilitators who have always been with us during these difficult times and renew their recognition of the Nation.

    My dear compatriots,

    Given the above, I invite all striking workers to resume work immediately . In any event, the provisions of the law will be applied until further notice because force must remain the law and arrangements will be made for this purpose.

    My dear compatriots,

    To our Nation’s properity, we must collectively reaffirm our commitment to our common homeland, Benin and our unwavering commitment to build in peace, in love and security. Benin can only be built by her daughters and sons. I still believe that we can build a prosperous peaceful Benin, where human security is ensured.

    I therefore urge the political dialogue which, in my opinion, should be at the heart of a set of strategic pacts made of knotted in a patriotic spirit and liability partnerships.

    We must impose dispassionate and depersonalize the debate on the problems of the Nation , discuss without prejudice or afterthought. Thus, the much-desired political dialogue must absolutely be created within the p
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