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    Posted March 5, 2014 by

    Drug lord arrested or Mexican Government Protecting Investment

    El Chapo arrested and taken in by the Mexican Authorities well allow me to break this down into what I know to be true as I have lived here in Guadalajara Mexico for six years with my wife which is a native of the city, El Chapo is the king of Kings here in Mexico when it comes to the drug trade he has evaded capture for 12 to 13 years after escaping a maximum security prison, he was in Forbes Magazine for Christ sake, his money has money, there is no way with everyone he has paid off he would have not known that he was being tracked and if the guys selling the drugs never forget to pay a bribe to the local police department, El Chapo I highly doubt will himself forget to pay his bribes either.

    So is this the real world leader of drug trafficking, or are Mexican Officials merely trying to appease the US to not enter into any type of conflict concerning that the controlling class here in Mexico lives as they do due to the money provided to them by the cartels to look the other way...

    So let me take you on a dark tour of the back streets of Guadalajara Mexico, there is a place a little past downtown known as San Juan de Dios, and a few blocks behind there in what is known as Old Guadalajara is where all the drugs are sold particularly on Aldama St. or Calle Aldama The police know very well where this street is as do all the taxi drivers in the city and when you go there after 11pm the police very diligently circle a 6(six) block radius all the way to watching the drug deals happening from the corner, and the moment that you pull off is when they arrest you. So as not to disturb the sale of the narcotics but to also make there quota or if you are well lined you can pay what is called una mordida or a small bribe of 50USD and they will let you and your drugs go.

    Mexican Officials depending on importance have there going rates:

    Vial/Traffic : 5-10USD
    Municipal/City : 20-50USD
    Estatal/State : 75-150USD
    Federal/Federal : 175+

    now these are just based on the common criminal life style running a traffic light, stealing a pack of gum, all the way up to buying some cocaine for personal use. Honestly there are some honest police that will not accept a bribe but that is few and far between.

    So those would be the rates of Local and Federal Law enforcement here in Mexico as for someone like the president who knows, but everyone here in Mexico has there pockets lined with drug money one way or another whether you want to or not. So a man as powerful and rich as Chapo Guzman would not have forgotten to pay his bribes to all the right people not would have he crossed someone in a way that make him vulnerable. This arrest is nothing more than some smoke and mirrors to appease the US DEA and ICE to not take any further action directly in mexico so the people who reap the most benefit may continue doing so unhindered and uninterrupted, now there is now concrete evidence or proof showing this other than the natural and accepted behaviors that law enforcement here have indulged in for the better part of 30 Years.

    Research it see the facts and you make the choice
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