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    Posted March 6, 2014 by
    Gardiner, Montana

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    Protester attempts to stop bison slaughter in Yellowstone


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Nature photographer debyd captured images of protester Comfrey Jacobs in Yellowstone National Park on March 6. She says Jacobs was protesting the slaughter of bison migrating from the park. Park authorities found him chained to a cement-filled barrel that morning, blocking a roadway leading to a bison capture facility, according to reports.

    The area in which Jacobs shackled himself was closed off for weeks while bison capturing was underway. The bison capture and slaughter operation is part of the park's effort to reduce the animal's population in Yellowstone. Local reports say Jacobs has worked in the past with the Buffalo Field Campaign, a nonprofit group focused on protecting park bison. Jacobs was arrested by park rangers. Read more about the story here.
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    Yellowstone National Park officials found 20 year old Comfrey Jacobs chained to a barrel and blocking the road to the Stephens Corrals this morning.


    Jacobs, a member of the Buffalo Field Campaign risked being arrested and banned from the park to protest the ongoing slaughter of Yellowstone's Bison. The Stephens Corrals is where hundreds of bison have been lured with hay and held until they are loaded into trailers and hauled to slaughterhouses. Many of these bison are pregnant females that are just weeks away from giving birth.


    Because Jacobs was in a closed area of the park there was no opportunity to speak to him in person, but in a press release statement, he said,


    "During my time in Gardiner," said Jacobs, "I was feeling helpless as I watched wild buffalo lured and trapped, fed hay like livestock, tortured with sorting and testing, and eventually crammed into livestock trailers headed for slaughter facilities, while simultaneously bison were being hunted just outside the Park boundary."


    Jacobs blocked the road to prevent livestock trailers from accessing the trap before more wild bison could be loaded onto trailers destined for slaughter facilities. He handcuffed himself to a hunter orange 55-gallon barrel filled with concrete, and wire-mesh webbing spanning the entrance to the roadway, which is closed to public access.


    "My goal is to stop these trailers from getting to the trap so they cannot load more bison and transport them to slaughter," Jacobs said. "My intent is to not unduly cause these buffalo any more stress or harm than they are currently being subjected to in the trap, and to ultimately get Yellowstone to set them free."


    At this time of year the bison are thin from a long, hard winter and many are very pregnant and so this is not an ideal time to hunt the animals. If a hunt needs to take place at all, it should be held at a different time of year, but this is when the bison leave the gates of Yellowstone, looking for more food. It is unfortunate that they have had to struggle so hard during the entire Winter, only to meet this end.


    Jacobs was arrested by park rangers and charged with Disorderly Conduct, breaking the closure, (the areas is closed to visitors while bison management is taking place) and obstructing a government operation, and he was released pending a hearing on March 11, 2014.


    A press release on the peaceful protest with more information:  http://protectmustangs.org/?p=6483

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