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    Posted March 8, 2014 by
    United Arab Emirates

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    Basic Essential Features Websites Must Have


    These days, almost all private and government establishments have websites that can be accessed conveniently online by millions of people. Even celebrities and the more low-key, regular persons have websites. Though they are not famous, these people, who are usually referred to as “bloggers”, use their websites to share their valuable experiences, knowledge and tips that the other internet users can also use and follow or simply keep in their minds.

    And with thousands of websites currently accessible all over the world, how can a person, private or public entity make their website stand out and consistently appealing to new and return viewers?


    Definitely, this should start with having an attractive, creative yet totally relevant design that showcases what your website is all about. If your website is all about sports, make sure that the landing page and any other pages will shout out things about sports. Any viewer should be able to see and discern immediately that the website is about sports. The same thing can be said for any website about loving to eat. There should be many clear pictures of delicious, delectable and really attractive different kinds of food or cuisines.


    Also, the website must be easy to navigate and does not look too complicated. Each web page should have relatively easily comprehensible titles. Websites that have or use too highfaluting words or titles may just turn off viewers since they may need to consult a dictionary or research for the meaning of a word from time to time. And when a website is easy to navigate and easy to understand, its objectives and whatever service or information it wants to convey will surely reach the viewers clearly.


    The contents of the website must also have substance and great relevance to the overall reason behind its existence. Also, anything on it such as blogs and announcements should be clearly informative, meaningful and helpful. Internet surfers love websites that are not too self-serving. Although websites do reflect and represent a person’s ideas or a certain establishment, websites that give out tips and other useful information or updates tend to have more visitors or viewers, new and repeat ones.


    Lastly, due to thousands of people frequently using smartphones, tablets and other hand-held gadgets that are connected to the internet, websites that are also easy to view and navigate on mobile devices certainly receive more viewers or visitors. People who often use the internet to look for places to eat or visit now also use their smartphones and other mobile devices to do so. As such, having responsive design will certainly also ensure that the website will get more viewers.

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