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    Posted March 8, 2014 by
    Deer Park, Washington
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    World Of Freedom? Or Enslavement

    We as humans have the nature to love and hate. Our cultures help design us as we walk this world of humanity. It does not matter if we are American, European, Chinese, or Russian.

    We all have a 50/50 chance at loving or revealing our evil side. I choose to walk my path of love. I was born into a world where men walk free or are enslaved to those around them. It does not matter the dirt I walk on.

    I see a Mexican trying to become a lawyer in a country that is his. Yet that country says no. Your idea of home is not yours because our idea of you being from a different culture you cannot be an American.

    Our choice of freedom or enslaved is just an idea. Whether you climb a fence or born in this country you are what people tell you are or you choose to take your path of freedom.

    Right now Russia proclaims Crimea is Russian. Yet people to the north tell them NO your Ukranian. Well I am here to tell you your free or enslaved to an idea men with so called power and money tell you are.

    You have a choice to walk through the barriers of thier ideas or be free. You may be a brown man next to me but you have a choice to be enslaved by ideas. Or choose to walk my path of freedom and embrace life as it should be.

    Sure the war machines will tell you don't come here or we will bomb you. We will kill you if you pass.

    They threaten death at every chance. They threaten imprisonment if you do not follow their laws. They tell you that you cannot resurrect your God. They tell you that you cannot have a metal object called a gun.

    Yet they fly warbirds to make sure you stay enslaved. They drive machines to crush your spirit. Remember your soul is your own no matter who is in control. It is your soul who can walk past and embrace your freedom. They will threaten death or enslavement. But if your idea is a freedom of your own? They have no right to take that from you.

    Whether your Black, White, or Yellow? Whether your Sudanese, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Lebanese, Brazilian? Whether your Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, or Atheist? Whether your Crippled or can Walk? Whether your Blind or Mute? Whether your North American, South American, Asian, African, European? It does not matter you were born to your idea of Freedom or born to your idea of Enslavement. Blame no one but yourself. No Leader can lead you to your own Freedom. No Nuclear Bomb is worth giving up your soul. An Apache Helicopter may tell you NOT to climb that fence? If your freedom is on the other side? You climb that fence and embrace your freedom in death or alive. At least your leading your soul. No leader can create boundaries of humanity.

    The lines of States in America or the lines of Countries in Europe those are ideas of countries that want to enslave you to their boundaries that create their wealth. But real weath is in Humanity. It is always your choice? Freedom or Enslavement. Create the world YOU want. NOT what a few leaders WANT. Embrace your soul in FREEDOM.

    I will help my child embrace her Freedom and she will be her own leader. Not a world leader but a leader of Humanity.
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