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    Posted March 8, 2014 by
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    Ukraine unrest

    Russian military aggression against Ukraine starts up mechanism of global nuclear confrontation

    Non-proliferation efforts ofthe world community always were actual and sharp theme of international policy. When in 1994 Ukraine decided to refuse from nuclear arms – the third largest arsenal in the world–all the planetsighed with relief and hope. Young independent state believedthe promises of international community and announced its non-nuclear status.
    The refusal was formalized in the Memorandum on guarantees of security in the frameworks of Agreement on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons (Budapest, December 5, 1994). This Agreement defined USA, Great Britain and Russiaas guarantor states to provide Ukraine security, sovereignty and territorial integrity. In the Agreement it was also mentioned about obligation not to exert economic and other pressure on Ukraine.
    And what we see today? The world witnesses how Russıa, as one of the guarantorof Budapest Agreement, roughly violated all its items and its own international obligations. Using complicated economic situation in Ukraine, violating all norms of international law and concluded treaties, Russia brought troops on the territory of neighboring sovereign state. Russian soldiers occupied Crimea, Russian BalticSea fleet intruded Sebastopol, Russian military aircraft landed on the territory of the peninsula, Russian Navy armored vehicles move through all the territory of Crimea.
    Political leaders of Ukraine consider Russian actions as armed intrusion. Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent the note of protest to Russian side and demanded to bring Russian forces to the place of their permanent location. However, until now all promises and appeals of Ukrainian officialsremain unanswered. This time Russian president Putin insincerely declares that there is no invasion. At first he interpreted situation as rotation of troops, now states that exiled former President Yanukovich appealed to him with requestto bring Russian troops to the territory of Ukraine. All that is followed by false rhetoric about mythic threat to Russian population of Crimea imposed by«radical nationalists»who usurped power in Ukraine.Similar declarations are madeon the background of active expansion of Russian military presence not only in Crimea, but on the whole territory of western borders with Ukraine.
    The new Ukrainian Government declares non-admission of foreignintervention in the country domestic affairs and appeals to all countries to respect territorial integrity of Ukraine. Kiev addressed the international community with request to help and called upon guarantor states to observe the conditions of Budapest Memorandum and to become a mediator in negotiations with Russia.
    Ukraine quite legally expects active international assistance to cease Russian military aggression against it. A moment came when agreementsset in Budapest memorandum should be fully implemented. In the situation when any minute bloodshed can begin absence of decisive actionsby guarantors, their talks about “deep concern” are actually an indulgence to aggressor and stimulatehim to further seizure of Ukrainian territories.
    Now the count goes not for days, but for hours. It is necessary to immediately send missions of international observers to Ukraine, to Crimea to asses “objectivity of reasons” for Russian troops to intrude Ukraine, to speak with local populations, eyewitnesses, to talk to Ukrainian militaries etc. Results of monitoring can form basis for corresponding aggressor countermeasures. Putin can be stopped only by force– economical, diplomatic, political and military.
    Development of conflict according to Putin scenario will lead to further strengthening of Russian empire, and in global meaning – to new cold war. Lack of reaction to aggressor only excites his appetite. Considering rhetoric of Russian president, whose adequacy is recently under question, it is possible to conclude that he is ready for everything. Can the international community oppose such actions – that is the main issue.
    The main thing is that the conception of non-proliferation will receive irreparable blow. Today’s military and political crisis demonstrates that the system of international security and international law failed. Russian actions towards Ukraine will catalyze new arms race. Now it will be very difficult to persuade such countries like Iran to believe the guarantees of its security given by superpowers and to refuse from its plans. On the contrary, Ukrainian precedent only will strengthen their belief in necessity to intensify their efforts to develop their own nuclear weapons.
    In the end all that will lead world to global nuclear catastrophe.
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