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    Posted March 8, 2014 by
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Enviromental Effects of Real Estate Depending on Location


    Choosing your home involves several factors. Many factors that come into play are simple such as: cost, value, school zones ect, but there are a few overlooked things that can be detrimental to you and your family's wellness.


    The area of your home can significantly promote or demote positive health behaviors. Take for example: neighborhood sidewalks. Sidewalks are proven to increase positive health behaviors because they provide safe on-foot transportation; in return, your family would be more likely to go on a walk. If a neighborhood does not provide sidewalks, then walking on streets and roads would be the main source of on-foot transportation. This usually reduces the amount of "walkers" a neighborhood has as streets and roads are viewed as more dangerous than sidewalks.


    Another thing to consider about the environmental factors when choosing a home is public transportation. Many towns offer public transit while others contract public transit to small companies. Some may not have public transit at all. Regardless, when a public transit system is implemented, access to food markets and health professionals become more readily available because residents are able to easily reach these destinations. The opposite effects happen when public transit is not easily accessible or available. Many families do own a car, but public transit benefits the natural ecosystem of the neighborhood.


    Another factor to consider is distance to recreational areas. Rec centers and public parks are great to have for every family especially families with children. The closer the recreational area is to a home, the more likely the family will engage in community events and in physical activities at the recreational area. Parks are a great place to live by as they provide a large amount of activities to do. You can fish, play frisbee, play on the swing set, or simply take a walk.


    The last factor to consider is the distance to a grocery store. Many communities are placed more than nine miles from a grocery store. These communities are termed "food desserts" because the majority of their foods come from convenience store which ultimately provide inadequate nutrition. Living near a supermarket that provides groceries has been shown to increase nutritious food intake.


    There are several communities in your state that provide the best residential areas for living. Anywhere from homes in Portland, Oregon to Homes in Tulsa, Ok, there will always be great areas to live in and areas that may not be suitable for your family. Wherever you decide to live, we hope that you are able to receive valuable insight regarding your home health.

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