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    Posted March 8, 2014 by
    Stockbridge, Georgia
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    Do you remember the Atlanta Child Murders?

    From the other side

    My father and uncles are the ones that everyone reads about when its mentioned that a family of racist had something to do with some of these murders. I was 15 at the time and I remember this as if it were yesterday. I am amazed at how easy it is for so many reporters to just blatantly lie about my family...so please let me correct some of these lies for everyone. 1.There was only one member of my family in the Klan (my father). 2. We didn't have a stockpile of weapons and police uniforms as so many have reported. 3. The infamous phone conversation where my father is telling my uncle "that he might go out tonight and scope out some places, maybe get another one" did happen. I was right beside my father during that conversation. What you're not told is that it was April 1st and immediately after my father said that he said," and that comment is for the FBI and GBI whom are tapping my phone,,,,April fools. 4. It is true that Louie Geter did hit my uncles car with a go Kart but what isn't true is my uncle telling the kid that he was going to get him, strangle him with his D*#K. That was told to the investigators by a friend of my uncles, BJ Whitaker, who had made a deal with the GBI to be an informant. BJ was a career criminal and drug user that was simply trying to lesson his legal issues. 5. There was never a comment about wiping out generations of Blacks or starting a race war. My father and uncles were taken to Atlanta for polygraphs (6 hours worth). Not only were they passed but when asked for maybe a profile of the killer, my father told the FBI and GBI that it was more than likely going to be a young black male, probably with homosexual tendencies. Thats who was caught that evening dumping that body over the rail of that bridge. Truthfully, I don't think Wayne Williams killed all those kids but I know he killed the two that he was charged with. While my family may not be the perfect family, we were not involved with this. I'd love to sit down with Camille Bell and talk with her for I truly understand her grief and the not knowing for sure. You all have read and watched this story from the reporters side of it,,,now you have read it from....the other side.
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