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    Posted March 8, 2014 by

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    I Did Not Go To Twerkfest This Year


    I love a good festival. My family goes to a strawberry festival every year. We pick fresh strawberries and purchase a few homemade goodies as well. We also go to a magnificent pumpkin festival when my kids ride on tractors and pick out the best pumpkins around. In fact, we try to go to fun festivals around the state when we can.


    So it was a little disappointing that this year I realized that we would be missing Twerkfest held in Atlanta, Georgia. We would not be able to attend the booty vibration celebration.


    Although twerking became famous from the infamous Miley Cyrus twerk on the VMA’s last year, it has been around for quite a while.For over thirty years people have been twerking to some booty popping music, primarily based of the New Orleans bounce music genre. It was first on television in 1982 and since then has made it to many clubs, concerts and family gatherings. Now, I am not sure which family gatherings have twerking, but I am sure some do.


    This year’s Twerkfest has some of the most influential Twerk Artists ever. Highlighted by The Ying Yang Twins who made a dandy of a song called “Whistle While You Twerk” and “Shake” which features Pitbull. They also have one of the twerkiest songs ever in “Salt Shaker” where they ask you to shake it like a saltshaker.


    Many people have twerked to their music and now it was time to celebrate.


    DJ Godfather will be there. Daddy Dough will be there. And yes, even DJ Nuk will be there. All to perform some of their twerking classics from the past.


    I have considered going in the past but I have heard rumors that most of the time there is a Twerkfest, they run our of “Twerk Juice”. That can be a bummer because I do feel that “Twerk Juice” makes a huge difference in twerking.


    This year they guarantee that the special “Twerk Juice” will be available all night long. Let me repeat that…ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!


    We had a family meeting about Twerkfest. We did weight the pros and cons about going. It was a long drive to Atlanta and honestly, I am not sure how our family would be welcomed at Twerkfest. Yet, it does not happen often. Is this an event we can miss and not regret? Will we ever see another Twerkfest in our lifetime?


    I did not make it to Twerkfest this year. There is a part of me that is sad. I do not think my family really wanted to go to Twerkfest and quite honestly I cannot blame them. We live in Florida and it is in Georgia. That is a pretty far drive. It starts at 10pm and my kids go to bed at 7pm. I had to work today and I am not sure if my boss would have wanted me to ask off for this event.


    So we missed Twerkfest this year.


    It is a decision I will have to live with for the rest of my life.

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