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  • Posted March 9, 2014 by
    Montreal, Quebec



    Initial report on losing contact with flight 370 reminded me of the tragic accident with flight 447. I expected the debris to be found within reasonable time, crying family members during funerals, pointing fingers and a start of a very long air crash investigation, but nothing seems to be going the way I thought it would. After 2 days of search, the aircraft is still missing and the question still remains, what happened to flight 370?


    That question is just a start of many that will come ahead depending in which direction you take this. You start by asking was the disappearance of flight 370 caused by man, machine, environment or any combination of these 3? With that in mind and possible course change of the airplane, oil residue in the ocean, 2 stolen passports and anybody on the aircraft who has or can gain access in the cockpit during the flight can lead to many scenarios. Chasing and ruling out those scenarios is up to the experts.


    One crazy scenario that comes to my mind is that flight 370 got hijacked. The hijackers took over the cockpit and flew the plane to some deserted (exotic) island so that they can ask something in return for. The transponder and all other commutation devices were turned off so that the aircraft cannot be traced.


    This sounds like a Hollywood movie or one of those conspiracy theories, but the fact is that an aircraft that weights tons has disappeared and after many days of search is yet to be found whole or in pieces. Being a realistic I realize that I might never know what really happened to flight 370, but the possibility that something horrible happened and everyone on board is dead, is becoming more and more real with every passing hour.

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