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    Posted March 9, 2014 by
    Lehigh Acres, Florida
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    Religious Persecution: Acts of disgrace by the Courts


    Greetings, peace & blessings to all, ladies & gentlemen; my name is Randolph Cordell Codner and I am priest who happens to be a Rastafarian that was sent to do a great work in Lee County, Florida, where I made my domicile, but was held up in the process by the judicial system here in a very unusual and extremely harsh manner which I believe is inhumane treatment beyond the boundaries justice set forth within the Constitution. I was first accused of a crime that never happened. That triggered another crime that never intended to occur; and while fighting those 2, yet another occurred. Then to my surprise, another crime was created and then another. All together 4 arrests and 4 times bonded out of jail and 5 separate crimes created out of pure innocence. I spent over 90 days in jail total and lost an incalculable amount of natural life amongst other personal and sentimental valuables due to the mishandling of justice by the authorities and unbalanced scales of liberty within the courts of Lee County, Florida of the Republic.

    Acts of disgrace by the Lee County Courts & Lee County Sheriff Department.

    After being forced into a trial by one 'judge Swett' for alleged allegations of striking/hitting (a misdemeanor) without any investigations being conducted except for the 'she say', that very 'she say' later decided to speak the truth because her initial version of the events, at the time, were drawn out of context due to her high emotional sensitivities; but the detectives declined on hearing the facts that would sway the jurors in my favor. Unknowing to me at the time but never the less, the more honorable witness decided rightfully not to become a false witness for their conspiracy to defraud others of justice & liberty. I was allowed to represent my own person as Pro Se in the case matter which was dismissed after the witness refused to follow thru with their couching of false testimony. I was previously forced by the same court to sign contractual obligations for court dates and when I refused, the one judge Swett, would threaten me on the record with contempt of court charges. What proper court with due process of law would force a person in signing documents beyond their will, or at least refusing to allow them with the option of reading before signing? The law requiring full disclosure doesn't seem to apply well with this county court and it just so happens that Mr Swett's opportunity came when the spirit leaped for joy within me, knowing my victory over an unjust system of non-common law practices, and I said 'aww' inside the court room when the bail-lift called me to take a seat. The scream for joy drew some attention but I quickly apologized to show no disrespect. Mr Swett then brought allegations against my person alleging that he was charging me with contempt of court and then forced a public defender upon me to move into a quick trial of a conviction and sentencing to the maximum of 5 months & 29 days in jail. To my surprise, a simple court-room misconduct got me in a solitary confinement cell with accused murderers with lower level security risk classifications. Apparently, I am a very high level treat to their organization because of the amount of knowledge my investigation turned up. Now, here is where the story gets interesting: I had 3 assistances to my aid and they were all present in court for the hearings. Upon my arrests, the court officials illegally attacked them and confiscated their personal possessions in an attempt to sensor my electronic to see if I was in contact with the 'alleged victim'. My aids were threatened with contempt of court charges also if they refuse to hand over all the phones and being scared they complied. The court now having access to my phone, went into my personal email accounts, Facebook, photos, videos and websites and deleted certain content that they think was harmful to them in nature. They illegally opened my facebook page and erased all my beliefs & opinions that was posted about them. Three weeks before my release from jail, my home was broken into and the alleged burglars took all my personal files, identifications and paperwork with all the facts and information that I was working on, building the cases on the illegal activities being conducted in Lee County by its sworn officials. These so called burglars were only interested in papers (files of evidence) and my personal computers rather than the many valuable electronics sitting wide open the living room. Shame on the Courts and Sheriff department to be engaging in those illegal, forceful and coercive activities.

    My contact info:
    Office of Malchizedek
    3317 3rd Street W.
    Lehigh Acres, FL 33971
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