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    Posted March 10, 2014 by
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    Missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200


    I mean don't you guys think the passports after they were stolen in Thailand in 2012 and last year to unidentified people boarding the missing plane is something fishy in all itself.I mean ho can the people be so lapsing in security if a passport is gone missing it should have been red flagged then only.This is a Clear cut Hijacking in front of us.Don't we learn anything.I mean we can have another 7/11 incident on hands,There's no doubt that this is random plane missing.This one seems to be well planned & executed.I don't think there are a lot of people ho can pull this off.They did well had the time after the passports went missing.Authorities wake up and take this angle into consideration.I personally don't think those two had any good intentions of boarding a plane with stolen passports.There must be others involved.They should probably speed up the search.


    As you see there is a pic of police investigating the the travels that booked and issued the tickets the lady there told to the police that she was asked to do so by some iranian so we should better check that guy and run some financials of the travels including the staff....


    There is a small chatter in the underground regarding the missing of the plane.According some of my contacts from kabul someone seems to know about this whole thing but no one is coming forward.One thing is for sure that this is pure hijacking. Ionly hope all the passengers might be safe.Don't know what they want to do with the passengers.


    According to some sources there were some rogue hackers also involved in this.Because there was a kind of recruitment for some hackers for something big.Gps Hacking is child's play because there is someone who says that he can hack a planes Gps and manipulate it's direction without the knowledge of the airlines company & the aircraft crew.This reuires some heavy & hardcore hardware that can make it possible.



    There might be other passengers involved if I'm not  wrong it's better to dig deep into each & every passenger as well as the airlines crew.Somehow  they might have helped them willingly  or unwillingly.Each country needs to pools it's resources & have to find out what has been happening in the life of everyone who is onboard the plane.I mean with the technology  & Communications so advanced it will be just a child's play to find that.

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