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    Posted March 10, 2014 by
    New York

    Anti-israel protest by Orthodox Jews

    Large crowds of men and boys donning black suits, black hats, black shoes, white shirts and untrimmed beards are seen from residences above in New York City.

    The masses of men, including boys, held white sheets between hands, presumably just to guide their subsequent loud and prolonged utterances of some sort of non-English/non-Spanish group mantra.
    The script carried itself less than glamourously unfortunately between the high-rises in a cacophony of self-chiding echoes.

    From what was told to me by the local police, It seemed these men are simply Americans in an "anti-israel protest" .

    My doormen however suggested that throngs of jewish males are hoping to influence a non-draft /anti-conscription leaning within the Israeli national government, by hosting such a protest from within the streets of New York's financial district.

    It seems however that this is simply a request just for themselves and their male relatives whenever they might reside in Israel or choose to hold an additional Israeli citizenship.

    Unfortunately, they seemed to refuse or not not offer to share any kind of information via pamphlets or bulletins or any signs of any kind to those of us who live here, and they seemed to not invite any of us - not my neighbours, fellow Americans or myself when I happened to stand right next to them in any sort of opportunity to support a peaceful goal. So, for this reason, I do not know if this was indeed a peaceful expression or anything to do with soliciting a peaceful future or a better world. Our streets were simply blocked with double gate-fences, a large police force and frisking stations around my home before- and during this mass conglomeration of men in black religious uniforms. Please forgive me for being unable to understand or describe with any other information other than personal eye-witness observations and testimony.
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