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    Posted March 10, 2014 by

    Held on a million dollars bail

    I was held on a million dollars bail on a misdemeanor charge.
    In Auburn, WA on August 9th 2013 I was arrested for domestic violence for kicking the door to my house twice. I was taken to S.C.O.R.E Jail in Des Moines, WA when I got there they handed me some cloths and told me to get dressed so I did and the correctional officers took me to a holding cell. I sat there for about 3 hours before a officer told me I was going to court. I then got taken to a video courtroom where I went in front of a King County court Judge. He charged me with domestic violence in front of minor children, Harassment DV, Trespassing, Malicious Mischief DV And gave me one million dollars bail. I got up out of the chair and one of the correctional officers said come here so we could talk so I started to walk into the hallway and he grabbed my arm and said I couldn't go out there and then shot me twice with his taser gun and jumped on me when I hit the floor. He was a very big guy and when he landed on me he broke my collar bone. After that they booked me into jail and fingerprinted me. So there I sit not knowing anything. later that day I was served a no contact order that I couldn't contact my wife. my next court date was in seven days. So I tried to get my mom or dad to get me a attorney with no luck. My mom told me my 5 year old was having a very tough time worried about his dad. So I took a chance and called my wifes phone so my son knew I was ok and assured him I was ok and I loved him. When I went back to court it was a new judge and the first thing he brought up was violating the no contact order and lowered the original bail from one million to $999,999.00. Then he gave me another $500,000.00 bail for the no contact order violation. plus took away my phone rights. I wasn't allowed to call anyone except my public defender. So another 7 days goes by and I go back to court. With a private attorney. The judge gave me a plea deal that I took I had been sitting in jail for 21 days and had no choice but to take the plea so I could find out what was going on. Since then I did everything the court told me to do. I want some justice here I have been a hard working husband and father of four children with no criminal history. This has taken away my rights to go to Canada in which for my job that I have done for 22 years requires me to do so. What happened to the constitution? I have worked all my life and all of this has destroyed a hard working man and family. Over kicking the front door at my own house.
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