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    Political Change. Is It Happening?


    By: Kenneth Stepp


    It has been a while since I wrote an article about politics. Not because I don’t think about them every day. But because of the lack of real change I see in my country. I see a lot of complaining, protesting, and even Facebook posting. But I know as long as voters are more loyal to their party than their country, nothing will ever happen. Nothing real at least. Hang in there with me while I unwrap what I mean by this.


    What does a voter aligned with a party look and act like? I’m more closely attached to the Republican Party. I do however think for myself. I often say I am a fiscal conservative, but a social nothing. Not a very good Republican at all. But find myself working in and voting for the party. So, I will use this party for my example. I will touch on the Dem’s as well. Just keeping it fair.


    Most Republicans are more to the right and conservative. Because of this, the get their news from Fox News. Let me say that getting any of our reality from media in the US is going to be a dangerous place to receive your reality. Fox teaches us to hate Whistleblowers, Muslims, Mexicans, and any and all Liberals. Most of these are super people that claim Christianity is their guiding force in life, a religion centered on loving everyone with the same unconditional love Jesus gave them. But as long as Sean Hannity tells them to hate someone, it has to be ok. I see it, the unchurched see it, but they can’t see it. It is maddening to those that get it. Fox News also sells them war. Or the reason to attack a country that has done nothing to us at all.


    I took 2013 off from US media. What an eye opener. I began enjoying global journalism. Real journalism. One source actually showed Sean Hannity running a video of Syrian Military beating women and kids. It was hard to watch. He was very upset. Then reminded us why America has a “duty” to invade that country and stop them. Then this real news channel ran another show from Fox showing Hannity running the same video in 2007. Only this time it was military in Beirut and he was angry then too. He wanted us to attack yet a different country that day. Global news sources with real journalism laughs at Americans for believing such insanity. Yet we do. I know it and if I watch much of it I get sucked right back in myself. Guess what I don’t do anymore? By the way. The news source that ran those Hannity videos were banned from America within three days of showing that. Does that sound American. It does to me.


    This blind belief in a news source is how you know a person is party before country. A real patriot takes the time and puts in the effort to learn real truth. They are never intellectually lazy enough to hate or send our best and brightest to die on foreign soil without questioning why they are agreeing to send them. As a father of one of these brave soldiers, I can tell you that we have no business in these countries. Yet the flag waving Fox News fans embrace the “kill them all” battle cry without weighing the cost fully.


    Loving one’s country is not complex. You love your children. Would you let a news anchor talk you into sending them into harms way. I wouldn’t and neither would most of my readers. Yet, they will send mine in a heartbeat. Just because a man they have never met tells them it’s needed for this or that reason. Mostly because the leader of that resource rich country damaged some of their citizens. If we really cared about kids in other country, I have an idea. Every five seconds a child dies of hunger in a third world county. For a fraction of our military budget we could stop this completely. Of course. These global corporations that have lobbyists paying off media leaders and lawmakers to control and steal resources from other countries already own or at least control the resources in the countries where the kids are dying. No need to rock that boat.


    The tide is turning though. I do see it. Syria showed me this. Although the media shouted for war over and over, social media heroes fought back with real truth and won. They are ramping up again to sell us on attacking Syria, Will they do it this time? Who knows? Let’s just wait and see. We are all tired enough of war to actually look to see why we are at war. This is a new phenomenon. One I for one like a lot. America first means the party, the media, or the corporations do not own us and we no longer accept the programming they try to control us with.


    If you are a Democrat, this is happening to you too. At the height of the last presidential race I had a conversation with a friend. He believed if Romney was elected, slavery would be reinstated. And he is a leader with an education. I was speechless. The media is that good. Of course the right wingers believed if Obama was elected that he would become a dictator, end elections for all time, vote the constitution out and write a new one. There was more. Of course when his term ends, he will be gone and another will take his place. It is my opinion that the resident of the Whitehouse doesn’t matter. Both Bush & Obama ran up debt, took us or kept us in needless wars for corporate profits, allowed the constitution to be slammed down and parts nullified,. Both pretty much did the exact same thing. The difference is the media tells us the difference where difference doesn’t exist.


    Maybe you are mad after reading this. Perhaps educated. I’m just hoping I made you think. Love America, not your party, news station, etc. Your country needs to stand firm. Freedom will be held by communication and education this time around. But keep your musket clean and handy in case I’m wrong.



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