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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Probably Hijacked

    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Probably Hijacked

    The first thing that came to my mind days ago when I heard about flight 370 was it was probably hijacked. Why? Because they said early on that the jet was in blind spots throughout its flight and had to radio in at check points to update air traffic controllers of its whereabouts and at several checkpoints it did not check in. This should have rung a bell!

    For some reason our investigative professionals seemed to avoid the idea that this was a hijacking, even after they discovered two Iranians were on this flight with bogus passports. I heard CNN's Anderson Cooper say maybe they were drug dealers. This made little sense to me that Iranian drug dealers got on a flight going to Beijing from Malaysia with fake passports to move drugs to China.

    Now even after they concluded that the flight was hundreds of miles off course, they still are hesitant to just say maybe just maybe this was an act of terror and maybe just maybe it was a high jacking. I feel our ability to respond was hurt if they were really as stupid as they made us believe they were. I hope they was investigating the possibility of foul play from the beginning.

    The questions now would have to be, if this was an act of terror, what do they want? Who could run such an operation and where could such a big plane be hidden? What countries would harbor these types of terrorist and how far could they have traveled based on the amount of fuel they had or could they have refueled? Because if this operation was planned properly and the way we responded early just looking for a crashed jetliner at sea, the fact of the matter is they can be anywhere in the world, because a 777 jetliner in long range.

    If nothing else the 777 jetliner is worth a lot of money. Just the jetliner alone could cost as much as $300M to replace. Maybe they wanted the jet? And while we are looking for a crashed jetliner they are repainting it to sell it for a cool $50 million black-market, to South Korea or even Iran. Not everyone is our friend. The prefect crime.

    Frank Paul Jones
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