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    Posted March 11, 2014 by
    Washington, District of Columbia
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    Way to Go CIA

    The chairwoman for the Senate committee on intelligence is complaining that the CIA has searched their computers without permission.

    Now and only now does it seem that Senator Diane Feinstein cares about the constitution. She didn't care when she and the others gave permission to the CIA to search our computers. She didn't care when she gave them carte blanche to do as they please in the name of security.

    I say good. I hope they take not only all of that information but all information from every computer in the government. If this is the type of power that congress wants to give to the CIA then good. Let them feel violated in every possible way.

    Congress didn't care when it didn't affect them so they really have no place to stand up and complain now that it is happening to them. Good for the CIA. I hope Feinstein and the rest of the Senate feels good about the laws that they passed that many of us on both the left and the right have been complaining about and warning about.

    Maybe next time they decide to pass legislation without reading it, it will force them to resign their positions, donate all their money to charity, and kick their sorry behinds out of the country. It's hard to believe that these people think they actually represent anyone in this country.

    I hope the CIA continues it's spying on our government. At least someone is watching them.
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