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    Andre Birrote....AT LAST...an UNCORRUPTABLE crime fighter America can be PROUD of !


    America HAS A lot OF BAD GUYS and there NOT just in the movies and tv cop shows !


    Elliot Ness did a fantastic job taking on America's biggest gangsters in Chicago like Al Capone,etc

    Most of the worst originated from Brooklyn NY street punks who did favors for older gang members and graduated up the ranks of wise guys and made men. Later dirty $ from unions, bootlegging, vice, gambling, protection, and you name it got laundered into real estate, movies and many other $ making enterprises.


    The east coast mob got their kids into the best Ivy league schools and they graduated as lawyers, doctors,etc also many became major player car dealers.


    Organized crime then selected the best realty money could buy and they purchased massive amounts in the most expensive areas of America. Starting with NY spots like Long Island, the Hamptons,etc and all over New Jersey and later down the road after WW2 both coasts of south Florida and California. Places like Beverly Hills, Malibu, Newport Beach, Rancho Pale Verdes, Brentwood and Encino and North Hills to name just a few were carved up by the few rich most from the east coast who brought their despicable, ruthless,greed and violent ways with them

    That's why I say KUDOS to Andre Birrote the new US Attorney in Los Angeles, he was the Inspector General for LAPD under Bill Bratton undisputably America's straight A top cop who cleaned up NYPD and later LAPD to a great extent ! Andre Birrote appears the closest to an Elliot Ness and a TAKE NO PRISONERS kinda guy ! He is a credit to LA, California and America and the kinda lawman who will try to ensure your kids and grand kids don't grow up at the mercy of unscrupulous gangsters, politicians and crooked cops ! If America had more people in charge like him perhaps the ideals of the founding fathers, the declaration of independence and constitution would finally flourish and the American Dream still be within the little peoples reach !

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