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    Posted March 12, 2014 by
    Milange, Ghana
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    I met a President

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    I met a President


    Yes I have the opportunity to met a President. The first time I met a  Presidente and a First landy for over 2 hours was the time we turned to be 400 citizens of the of the Mozambican population in Portugal. The Firt lady in a fashionble tight brown skirt over her knes only, few female diplomats were dressed in Princes Diana syle. That was the first time ever Armando Emilio Guebuza had been i business Portugal since the year 1973.


    To prove his democracy prespective in accordance with his encounter with  Cavaco Silvas in Lisbon. 5  Mozambicans are chosen  to adress the people.


    Allthough invited to the afternoo Bnquete Guebuza family 29 april 2009 did everything in  his power to keep the encounter annouced but hidden for the majority.


    There were very few people from other places than the South and Nampula I was the onlyone from Zambezia. People did not communicate in Engllish, French, Portuguese nor German but their own dilaect Shangany or Landi.


    With Swedish - Mozambican Intependent reporters, RTP - Africa was at work.


    When the President personaly appointed the 5 speakers to adress the people, He thought that also in Portugal he had the power to exclude people. Guebuza did everything in his power to ensure that Republicans woukd not be with. Missjudging democracy in Europe Guebuza give 10 minuts to a woman he did not know was the chairman of the Republicans of Mozambique.


    President Guebuza and baloy desapointed in with Eurpoes Democracy


    The right hand of  Armando Guenuza in Portugal, Casa Mozambique, the embassy with Tembe and 2 others acted upon Guebuza and will to stop Republican Women of Mozambique From participating in the encounter.


    In a Hotel owned by a Mozambican Arabe family in Center of Lisbon rooms were still available at highest rates only for guest in that day`s Presidential floor. Down the ground floor receptionist informs tha the president is now entering the hotel parking. Everything is happening just the way I planned and even better. Side by side with the cultural group of Women Dancers for the Pesident the Chaiman of Republican Party of Mozambique happens to welkome the President of her country.


    The day before , RTP Radio had enjoyed to question Diplomats of The Mozambican embassy in Lisbon questions related to "Why did the embassy inform republicans that Guebuzas trip to Lisboa was cancelled and remarke to six monthes later" acording the people.


    Baloy Was mad like a cow. He had been  was ordered over the speakers to Genltly and immideatly remove and follow the woman out of stage. The unchanchable Minister of Foreign Affairs ungry forgot that the Public was composed of Press who with TV Cameras and journalists like to Shut that type of pictures and Videos clips and started shutting like it was in the Irak war.


    Baloy with violent hand gestus: hands up, and down, harms moving like he was in collapsing feelings shacking his legs and body: Oh yes Minister Baloy was out of control for such an Ocasion. Baloy in that way, and high comanding tones keep on asking ? " What do you want, What do you want. hem?  at the samme time, as the microphones were on, everyone heard the President mumlig:  "this is not like this. We are no here for that, this is not an enconter to discurse domestic issues. Minister Baloy get that woman her out of there and talk to her. Take notes, and handle the case from home when we get home. Something like that". Baloy busy reapeting asking "What do you r want?  You want to go back home? You want money? What?" like Slave owner in Holliwood Movies - was hurt by TV Cameras. Suddenly looking orround over his eyebrows, expressing shame anger guilty was aware of the media interesse on his actions and write down an email adress.


    Samora Machel was the President I met first. He had the Habit of ghatering  all students well organized into sports  stadiums and talk for more than 4 hours at the time. Many students fainted because Samora forgogt that sanctions were on there was no water, no soft drinks. Many parents had money but nothing in the supermarkets to buy. President Samora Machel teach me to love talking to, for and with the people. 


    Yes met President Obama and Michelle`s Inspiration, Strength and love that encourage me to drive out there met the people and campaign for political freedom transparency, democracy, end Poverty 2015 in Mozambique.and in United African Countrie an improve our Continents economy.


    When I met the President I did not know that I, together with the people of Mozambique were working for Mozambique mostly preparing ourselves to support, ask and  encouage Graca Machel Mandela to accept the peoples choice of having her for the President of our country.Graca Simbine de Samora e Madiba is one  Woman from Mozambique twice a First of the people of Southern  Africa.


    we must ask GUEBUZA, SIMANGO and DHLAKAMA to resign or make a diference and call for change through dialogue. President Guebuza must kindly ask Graca Machel Mandela to consider use her position of power wisdom and love to serve the Mozambique and the people of Mozambique.


    "This is The time for Freedom Figther of Mozambique and Africa to reflect and reason the loyalty of the Ideals of Liberation struggle Machel was a father". The all kids orfans of father in Mozambique at the times. We lost 2 fathers, Mondlane and Samora. We want to know what happened.


    President Joaquim Chissano still is responsable for what is happening in Mozambique today. The two must help us to understand what happened in our country. And what is going to happen in, our political lifes, our economy our society and people.  40 years  equal 30 since FRELIMO of Chissano and Guebuzas Administration is on.


    Mozambican people are the people whos a Citizenship is wothy only for white Europeans mainly Scandinavian. The country works for the benifit of every other country than itself. there is in Mozambique

    - No services for the people.

    - No Bom Bom Chocolate for the people.

    - No milk for the children no ambulances.

    - No Helicoters to save lives

    - No health care

    There are Helicopters to fly Guebuza and Family into private Dinners.


    The people and the country need  leaders able to use the positions in power to serve the people and improve economy and health.

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