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    My advice to men like me

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    The Anaomoly

    After the untimely and tragic deaths of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, the mainstream media has yet again been given an opportunity to explore and validate the lives of young black men. For decades the lives of black men have been one of statistical information, criminilization, and stertoypical imaging. These images that are perpetued by mainstream media and exploited by politicians, and power brokers to write off any chances that black men will ever get a chance to rise above the status quo. However, here is the quarry. The President of the United States is a black man. There are millions of black men in this country and aboard who do not have prison records, nor do they have a history of problematic behavior. Nonetheless they are immediately assoicated with said behavior due to the host of images being protrayed in the mainstream media. There are in fact two separate Americas and there are few instances where the two meet,however, both are connected to the media of television, the internet, and social media. These dgital veheciles send out millions of messages that make assumptions on who and what someone else. As a result someone who has no day to day interaction with a different person assumes that the images projected are true of all instead of a select few.

    I am not a color. I am a human being. When we as a country can get to a point where you are a person first, we will begin to set the foundation of true intergration of society. As a young black man myself I have always been considered odd becasue I do not fit into neat racial categories. I get weird looks because of how I speak, how I carry myself, and my interests which can been seen as not typically black. I am an anomaly. I am an egnima. Only so because in the words of Richard Wright, "I am an invisible man not because I am a spook...but because people refuse to see me." When the shots rang out into the night forever silencing the voices of Martin and Davis, the voices of the past echoe more loudly than ever. I was reminded of the tragedy of Emmitt Till which sparked the civil rights movement and began the march to the passing of the civil rights law. What about today? What have the deaths of these two men sparked? What happens to the rage when acted upon from despair? What happens to a dream deferred? What if this was your child? Michael Jackson said "They don't care about us!" Can you deny it?

    I heard that no one person can rise above the condition of his or her people. You can advance to the highest school in the land and work for the best company, but you'll still be black. Every black man from the street corner to the board room experience the day to day racial slights. We deal with this with dignity and pride, but when will we stop being killed for listening to music or walking home from the store?
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