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    Posted March 14, 2014 by
    New Jersey

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    If an average Jo ran for Office

    Is your government run by the people and for the people or is it run by corporate heads for their own wallets?

    I'm not a politician by any means and have no plan to run for any office, but for those of you who might have the idea to do so, here are some ideas from the average Jo:

    Ban food dyes.

    - If the UK did it, so can we. Are their children more important than ours? ADHD and other mental health issues can sometimes be prevented, we can start here.

    Focus on filling prisons with people who are a threat to others.

    - Drug offenders can pay heavy fines and do much needed community service projects, but let's not use tax dollars to lodge them with murderers.

    Better help for those who are a threat to themselves.

    - Offer free rehab and mental health programs. Abandon group homes which can cause recovering offenders from negatively influencing each other and instead create a one-on-one mentor housing program for after their release from a conventional program.

    Make sure welfare and other government assistance funding doesn't fall into the pockets of abusers.

    - Drug test recipients upon application and yearly renewal periods. Provide all recipients with a financial coaching agency.

    Provide financial and economic education programs in the school systems.

    - Let's teach the next generation financial responsibility. Let's provide them with career strength testing at 5th and 8th grade to help direct them towards their natural strengths and help build future education and career goals based around that. Utilize certified teachers who are out of work to provide these programs.

    Buckle down on financial corporate abusers

    - Institute accountability of improper spending. Lower their ridiculously high salaries.

    Lower the cost of child care and make it hold up to academic standards.

    - Parents don't want just a babysitter, but they often can't afford the education programs.

    Pod homes for the homeless

    - Let's get them off the streets and one step closer to safer, more independent living.

    Routine drug testing for drug abusers.

    - Let's get them help before it's too late. Support and accountability means everything to help them stay on track.

    Help small business owners thrive

    - Provide financial advisor supports, offer lower-interest loans, and tax reduction incentives for opening business in areas being rehabilitated.

    Discourage foreign job outsourcing

    - If businesses struggle to thrive, they are forced to cut corners, eliminate employees, and outsource that work elsewhere. Let's make it easier for them to succeed in their dreams right here in America.

    Offer health insurance premium discount incentives for reaching proper BMI weight loss goals

    - If we lower the obesity rate, we lower the costs spent on healthcare and we increase job productivity. This is where we stand to better solve the existing healthcare crisis.

    Find ways to raise money for the state

    - If local businesses are better helped to thrive and are enabled to export their goods across the nation, we not only create more local jobs, but more overall profit.

    Increase the salaries for policemen and firemen

    - Why should entertainers and athletes be better rewarded than those who save our lives? If we fix the economy, we can afford to put our money where it's deserved. Let's encourage our next generation to pursue these more realistic career paths over being movie stars.

    Well, there's my list. What would you do?

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