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    Posted March 14, 2014 by
    Clayton, New York
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    Salute to families

    Love of my life

    In March of 2013, after a seriously bad relationship, and an even more serious breakup, I drove home (Clayton NY) from Daytona Beach FL. I tell you no lie, when I say I literally cried the entire drive home, and it rained until it snowed too. An extremely heavy heart weighed down my spirits, and my everyday life. I went kayaking a few months later, when the St.Lawrence River lifted me up, and inspired me to heal myself, and to help others with emotional distress, so I started my very first business-kayak and paddleboard rentals, cleverly named-Piyak Paddle......had I not experienced these events, I would've never met the love of my life.....
    Previously being introduced at a local pub, but it being too busy & too loud to take it serious, Ryan had come down to my shop to try his hand at paddleboarding, he was a little rocky at first, and a few falls later, he was doing great.
    For the rest of the evening, we chatted, and we had planned our first "date".....and during that date, he said he would be getting deployed to Afghanistan in a few months. At that point, I wasn't ready to get into another relationship, especially when he was going to be leaving for 9 months.....but...that mindset didn't last very long, as after that evening, we were inseparable.
    we took "summer fling" to a whole new level, we fell completely head over paddleboards in love for eachother, he moved into my apartment, we met eachothers family, and many memory making moments later, I found myself living in a movie moment, clenching to him for one last embrace, blatting my brains out, again-in the rain (what's with the rain?! It's almost like the emotional dilemna that's going on in my head summons the rainclouds above me and the sky cries with me, or on me I suppose).
    I'm writing this, and it's almost 5 months into his deployment. I miss my heart, but we are stronger than ever. He is my world, I write him a letter everysingle day (currently on page 283), I sent him christmas, and have created a nice pile of "welcome home presents" half wrapped waiting for his arrival. He has sent some of the most beautiful things from the local marketplace also, point to all of this: We are touchingly so in love, he is the greatest person I know, I hope and pray everyday, all day, everynight, all night he comes home safely.
    He is an attentive and loyal leader is his professional career, and just as loyal and attentive to his family, friends and me.
    I could go on for days about how amazing he is, how he will make a great husband and father someday, how boys should take notes from him on how to become a man, but I'm afraid there's no combination of words I can create to do this mans personality and character justice. He's saved me from the depths in my head I never thought I'd be able to surface from, and taught me patience, the ability to adapt to changes quickly, and most importantly, how to love again.
    Bless him and his soldiers over there, I hope they ALL keep eachother safe!
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