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    Posted March 14, 2014 by
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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    MH370 mystery will haunt us all until found


    It seems the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has captivated the world in many ways. And, while there's a chance we will never know what has happened to MH370, I have a few theories, some of which are now becoming mainstream. Initially when I heard about the disappearance, I thought, there's no way a plane that size could just disappear.


    But many things struck a chord with me... the location of the last radar blip, combined with the flight data reports of it's height and speed during that time via Flightaware, and the lack of debris field. As early as last Saturday morning I was speculating that this was a hijack - either by a passenger or crew. And during that speculation, I knew deep down the plane was nowhere near the area where search crews were looking.


    A plane that size has enough fuel to fly to Beijing (plus I'm sure a little extra in case of an emergency), which tells me that the plane could have changed course and flown any direction. Immediately I was drawn West and thought to myself that if this was a terrorist hi-jacking or attack dry run, would they have flown west to India or Pakistan? Could the plane land on a private or makeshift runway used by drug smugglers or cartels, or for other illegal activity; refuel and fly to some other place on earth only to do it again until they reach their final destination? Or, is it a hi-jacking gone wrong and the plane simply sits at the bottom of the Indian Ocean?


    For some reason, I still think the plane could have been landed elsewhere... secretly. If related to terrorism or piracy, is this plane being disected in order to learn its deepest secrets and high-technology? They would have the potential to learn more about current technology and use that information to find creative ways to plan future attacks. It would certainly put terrorism on a new playing field - a scary one at that.


    But, it makes sense.


    Did the plane land on an island, only to have it's communication devices removed and take off again for its next destination? Is that possible? The thought that it could happen is scary and means we could have a flying missile filled with 200+ hostages flying towards an unknown target... is this a new 9/11? I mean, people can steal cars and ship them transcontinental undetected and never to be found again, can't someone do the same with a plane and 200+ passengers? And if someone were to do this, I'm sure they would have stripped everyone of their cell phones, gone over every inch of their luggage, etc., to ensure the secrecy. Or, did the plane just take an immediate nosedive; disintegrate while plummeting into the ocean's surface like a meteorite, leaving hardly a trace?


    This certainly has landed on the charts with missing flight cases such as Amelia Earhart and flights missing in The Bermuda Triangle. And, by no means do I blame anyone specifically of terrorism, hijacking, piracy, etc., as it could have been anyone on that flight. But I do have to wonder.


    As with the rest of the world, I have been captivated by this event, and until we know the truth, it will forever haunt us all as to what happened. I find myself checking my phone or the news outlets every few hours for breaking news updates. I also joined in the search crowdsourcing with thousands of others. And tonight, I did it again. Have I become so obsessed like the rest of the world? I don't know. But my theories seem to be heading in the same direction of the search. And that's scary. Scary for me sitting at home as planes fly high above, and scary for those on or about to board flights. Is our next flight really taking us to our destination? Or, are we going to simply dissappear in thin air?

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