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    Posted March 15, 2014 by
    Las Vegas, Nevada
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    BULLY.... When adults are as bad as, or worse than their children!


    I started myself on this online thing many years, AOL was brand new at the time and it was how just about everyone who wanted to get online. Chatting with others was brand new and it was fun and exciting, but at times, depending on where you went it wasn't always going to be so nice. You see, or are on the receiving end of verbal abuse, threats of violence and if you can believe it. These are people in their 40, 50s and 60s.


    Harmful behavior geared toward hurting another human being.for example, some random website that has chat rooms for adults to chat in..... Worse than children going to the extreme extent of faking the death of one of the chatters so they everybody in the chat room would get on board thinking that this person actually had something to do with it. wholesale manipulation of a group of adults who does their best to hunt and peck a few small words to bring forth a greeting to another chatter.


    The cruelty is insane and it's not surprising that adults act the same way, of not worse than the childhood bullies so in school and the kids social media sites.


    Adults have those sites too, but there a great many divorced, widowed and single people out there who have jobs that don't give them any time for doing things others take for granted. So they use these sites. Sadly I find it quite disturbing to know that there are no background checks done on these kinds of websites where adults can go to find other adults for what some might call adult games.


    After spending a little bit of time reading the stories and the talking to others I find it really very disturbing to find a doctor, police officer, or someone in a position of power, trust and duty to be commingling with convicted rapists and other criminals.


    I will never look at a teacher the same way, nor a paramedic, school bus driver, lawyer, nurse, the list goes on and on. What this does to the entire group of people in that field certainly isn't fair to those who exercise good judgement and make the right choices. But this makes them all suspect. Now it's all bus drivers, all nurses, all lawyers, etc. I think you get my point!


    It's not so appealing to hear about a woman who took a chance and met a guy who tied her up and proceeded to slice her up with a razor blade, she's fortunate to be alive.


    While I can totally appreciate the wanton need for companionship and those little perks that come along with that companionship. I get it, I really do.


    But there must be a better way than to expose yourselves to dangerous unpredictable individuals who you really have to watch out for. And don't forget those cheating spouses..... Do they ever think that finding a man, or woman for sexual gratification could bring something wonderful home to their loving spouse and children?


    Every time that you get with someone you put yourself and your family into danger. Like myself many of these adults just get on those sites to chat with others and you are at the least assured that you won't be talking to any children.


    But again with the bullying... I don't see much of a difference.


    To see first hand how adults are just as cruel and honestly worse than the children, To see them calling some woman an "IT" and referring to her as anything other than screen name adding rude innuendo here and there along the way. Always taking a stab at her, trying to block any possibility of finding someone whom she might be compatable with. than her to have fun with.


    Everybody loves to have fun. But where's the fun when adults act like kids and the kids .


    And when do these professionals try to find some other way of finding someone to be their partner or adult companion?


    If you have to go onto this type of site try and be smart about it.


    It's too easy to fall into something you wont be able to get out of.


    Is it worth the lives of your loved ones for a quickie?


    Do they Bully because of their own guilt? Or is it part of a passive aggressive disorder, yet to be discovered?


    Bullies are prime examples for their bully children.


    Bullies never grow up!

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