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    Posted March 15, 2014 by

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    Is It About Jobs or CAREERS?


    As said by Andrea Witzke Slot , The contingent labor force needs careers, not just jobs; this statement seems to explain the biggest issue that the world economy is facing in today’s age. Many think that having a job is all what you require because that means that you have financials and having finances means that the whole game is about money. On the surface it seems true and money may seem the centre of all game but the reality is contrary to that.


    Its not just about money! The picture has more to it the just what seems on the surface. I am writing this post as I think that being a contingent labor (a lecturer) restricts by productivity to being laborer or slave only and that despite the fact that I can be a teacher, a scholar or a writer are reduced to zero. Many others like me should not just be there to survive and earn for survival; it should be more to that. Putting in other words we are talking about a system that is democratic in a way that it make use or utilize the resources to its fullest, so the resources don’t feel that they are just used for front line jobs.


    If we talk about money being a lecturer myself I can give you my example that I make a lot of money and my job includes writing extensive courses each year and I am able to do that in a pretty good manner stretching the strength of my class to a min 20 out of 25 till the end of semester, which remind you is a pretty decent count! So this means that I on average teach around 6o students each semester considering that I take three semesters annually around $100,000 comes to college by 120 students. Now in this money there is a share of many things such as building rent, salaries of the staff that works in the building, labs cost and other administration costs.  And of course a part of it goes in my salary that makes up to $30,000 annually.


    I know one thing for sure and that is I am not getting enough of my hard work and though a student is paying fairly enough for quality education but at the end what is dropping in the pockets of lecturers is not enough for the services they are offering and the hardship they are going through in coming up for the relevant lectures and all.


    Who is to be blame for this dissatisfaction and utter disappointment that exist among the faculty member of teaching? The institute authorities or the government?


    In the end I would like to comment that its all about career and not just about making money. You need to chose the right career and the right direction only then you can make money and come up with a healthy living. Jobs like software engineering jobs , marketing jobs and IT jobs have a better future and career options than others like jobs in content development or sales jobs!


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