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    Failure. A seemingly powerful word that seems like when you have it you still have everything.


    I have no idea what that meant, But I thought it might be a good way to start this off.


    I know I haven't failed. I changed my life in more ways than even I can imagine and now I'm trying to change your life too. Who the hell do I think I am to think that I could say, or do anything about any of what's going on. But I suppose I could say that I do have something to do with it. I started ireporting back in..... hmmm I can't remember, maybe in 2007. Back at that time I barely knew one one millionth of what I know now, but I do know that I have said the dyes are bad and eventually came to saying that 100% of everyone is allergic to all the additives, not just one, but all and the worst most devastating one (EDTA) who's symptoms and the reaction you would normally have are hidden away by the existing allergic reactions occurring in your body as you read this.


    It didn't take a scientist, or a doctor to tell me those chemicals are bad. But people actually argue and say I am wrong. I know that they mean that I am wrong about saying what I think is caused by the horribly toxic chemicals used as artificial additives in everything we use as consumers.


    We drink it, we eat it, we wash in it, we color our hair with it and we take that one tablet four times a day.


    People argue and say they don't eat any additives. Do you take pharmaceuticals? pills? vitamins? do you brush your teeth? Do you put that stuff in your washer to make your clothes soft? Or do you wash your clothes in a creek between two rocks?


    Exposure to the dyes alone covers a very large number of products, your car is painted with that colorant, it's mixed in with your food, your drinks, if it has color in it, unless it's certified organic and is made 100% from vegetables it's going to be something bad.


    Cochineal, or Carmine is a red coloring that back in the days of Montezuma was traded with the sea faring British who came to south America long ago. It's the crushed bodies of the female parasites known as the cochineal bug, They reside mostly on the prickly pear cacti in the southwest.


    I really am reciting everything I have written in these pages from my memory. Verbatim!


    You are exposed to it when you read the sunday funnies and this one other thing that I have mulling over in my head involves the dyes used as pigments in tattoos.


    It seems.... every time I am exposed to dye in a pharmaceutical that I am forced to take because I need the other ingredients in that toxic pill. Each of the tattoos that I have feel like they are reacting to allergic reaction as well becoming slightly raised as if they were suffering from a sudden allergy of their own. I get it, to each his own and all of that, but when you got that tatt, was it based on an informed decision to utilize some sort of substance that could potentially cause a painful cancer, or some other disorder? It you have tatts and have a migraine problem.... I'm not saying it is, but it could be the cause of those headaches, you have a never ending supply of toxic dyes to mess with your bodies chemistry for the rest of your life!


    I think about all of these things and it bothers me that not one of was able to make an informed decision about almost everything we have ever had put before us.


    Our doctors and those professors and anybody who has a basic knowledge of chemistry knows what those chemicals used to make the additives are all known carcinogens. They say it's safe and okay to consume and use. And the media recently said that cancer will be the #1 killer of people in the U.S.


    What do you think about that bag of M&Ms now? Those Doritos? That Crystal lite you just shook up in your bottled water?


    I say again, I can not take Excedrin because the blue dyes used it gives me a migraine headache.


    Back to this failure thing....


    Carcinogenic chemicals, used in all the wonderfully fun colored and fabulously flavored products mostly aimed at our children. A Obesity and diabetes epidemic like no other in the world.


    This isn't the America I want to see.
    Sick and dying does not represent us. Unfortunately for many, that's exactly what it represents.


    You, I, them... everyone is a victim. I don't know if those corporate type consume their own products, but if they do.... this is about them, their children, their future on this planet for years to come.


    Ask a question on the internet.... see how many gall bladders have been removed in the past 20 years.


    Dyes inactivate enzymes produced by the body, Bile is an enzyme produced by the gall bladder. just like they did to my pancreas which I reversed my type II diabetes with proper diet. I think the dyes turned off my pancreas and when they were gone, it turned back on and did what it's supposed to do.


    I believe that autism can't be reversed, But once you get that person away from the additives and keep them away from them... the brain is its infinite ability to adapt to things will do as it was meant to do and develop, or redevelop in a way to bring your child back to you.


    My wife was talking to my mom after they had worked on some thing that they were working on. I went there and then came back home. My wife tells me that my mom said it's nice to have the son that I have always wanted.


    It brought me to tears. And that made me feel soooo good!


    Before, I was emotionally inept.....


    It's a beautiful thing to be able to feel.


    Who owns this failure? Who does this property belong to? Intelligent people who know based on their learned knowledge. Or the doctors who also know these things because they had to take chemistry as a part of their chosen field. People have this knowledge and apply it to their own lives, or they are as oblivious as the rest of America that we are all being made sick from these chemical additives and everyday that you continue consuming and using them in everything you use every single day...... everyday you take X amount of days from the Y amount of days that God gave you to live.


    If you die sooner... they win and take your money.... if you live, you can watch them die and know that you stood up for something that very simply and absolutely MUST STOP NOW!!!


    Who's reading this? Who can see this? Do you plan on telling your friends and family about this stuff?


    Will you send it to your doctor to let them know that you don't want anymore dyes.


    When you go to the pharmacy, tell them you want DYE FREE pills.


    Fight about it when they tell you that you MUST have multiple injections of some vaccine that contains enough formaldehyde and mercury in it to send you to a rubber room for the rest of your life!


    I'm talking to YOU!  :)

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