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    Posted March 15, 2014 by
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    Fuel Load for Flight 370


    The distance between Kuala Lumpur and Bejing is 2,700 miles.

    (1) This version of 777 can carry how much fuel (one version says 6,900 miles another version says 10,300 miles)???

    (2) Again, what are the requirements for fuel purchase on flights inbound to Bejing?

    (3) Historically, what fuel loads have been loaded on the last 6 months?

    (4) Malaysian authorities use terms like "enough fuel," but we need to know the actual amounts that have been historically loaded.

    (5) If there has been an increase, when and why?

    (6) who controls the fuel orders for Air Malaysia?



    The fuel loading process is key to this story. What is the standard load of fuel for this flight to China? How much more fuel was loaded and why? If the fuel crew loaded a different amount of fuel and did not report the change, all the Captain would have to do is adjust the CG by shifting fuel from one tank to another. This would provide the fuel required to let the plane fly longer. Whom ever increased or changed the fuel load would be someone I would want to hear from.


    So my additional questions are:

    (1) does Malaysia Air have an agreement with China to buy fuel in China or can they fly in and out without refueling in China?

    (2) What are the price differentials of fuel in China versus Malaysia or the next destination for the aircraft flying the 370 route?


    Questions about the Fueling Crew/Contract:

    (1) how strong are the vetting and clearing requirements for it's personnel?

    (2) How do they track their personnel fueling aircraft they are under contract to service?

    (3) Is it possible for their personnel to convey weapons within the vehicles they use to deliver and load fuel?

    (4) how rigorous are the security screenings and sweeping of vehicles coming and going from the controlled area of the apron/jetway?


    Pilot/Crew Responsibilities for Fueling the Aircraft:

    (1) What paperwork is generated to order fuel?

    (2) Who orders fuel and from where?

    (3) What are the steps for inputting fuel load into the computer systems, including the navigation computers, supporting the operations of the aircraft?


    It appears the fuel farm is not contiguous with the airfield, so I can only guess the fuel is not delivered over pipelines.  If that is the case, then the delivery vehicles for fuel are highly, highly questionable.

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