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    Posted March 15, 2014 by

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    Georgia was left with no choice in 2008 - Matthew Bryza

    Matthew Bryza - "How correct was the action, well look for many month for many years even from beginning in 2004 Georgian government was very restrained and careful, even when it felt that the west was not paying attention to Russia's military build up, that began in 2004 and when it felt that Russia was leaving Georgia with a terrible choice between accepting Russia pulling away South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgia, or going to war with Russia. So for several years or four years Georgia showed great restrain, just what Ukraine is doing right now, Ukrainian gov't but then at the end my take was when Georgia was invaded by Russia,

    Georgia responded and I totally understand why the Georgian government do that, because it has a duty to protect itself and it's citizens. At the same time our advice from US gov't was to fall back to defend it’s position and let it be seen that Russia would be aggressor and they invaded would help you politically once the war is over so to me it would have been better had the Georgian gov't taking that last step but actually it's easy for me to say, I'm in the city of Washington and I am not responsible for the lives of Georgian villagers of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

    Russia has acted illegally as secretary Kerry has made it clear and President Obama. It is taking military actions, it has invaded Crimea on a false pretext that it’s base for the Russian language speaking people of Ukraine have been threatened somehow, there have been no such threats. By the way every Ukrainian practically is fluent Russian speaker. It is absolutely ridiculous that the Russian government still claims that the soldiers who have invaded Crimea are not Russian when everybody knows they are and even several have admitted that they’re Russian and I think that it’s as President Obama and secretary Kerry have said that the referendum will carry no legal force, so it’s very important that the west works together, it should have been doing before referendum it’s a little bit late now but works together to make clear and it’s starting to do with the cost that Russia will incur if it continues occupying Crimea and pressing for Crimea to re annex to Russia. And these steps should be economic, it’s about to be but it should also be military and it should involve NATO signaling not using force but signaling its resolve to extend its influence in NATO’s new members like Poland and the Baltic states, which is something Russia really doesn’t want to see happen.
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