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    Posted March 16, 2014 by
    Angra dos Reis., Brazil

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    Flight MH 370 Vanishing: The Threshold of an Alien Standoff that will invite Earth to stand still.


    Jacuecanga, Angra dos Reis (RJ) Brazil, Thursday 03, April 2014.


    Last update: April 2, 06:02 a: m.

    North Korea:


    The nest of the Flight 370.


    Alien Jacking of Flight MH 370.

    The Threshold of an Unbelievable Alien Standoff that will invite Earth to stand still.


    British Submarine and USA’s Pinger Locator sent forth to the search of Flight MH 370 will vanish mysteriously too soon.


    A mystery impossible to be unraveled without the use of the tool of spirituality in attendance.



    To the relatives of passengers and crews of Flight MH 370, to the people and Malaysian Government, to those in prayers all over the World, and in special to those straight involved in this long and hopeful search for the missing plane like the crews of Airplanes, Submarines,Helicopters and Ships, Aircrafts carries…


    Dear sirs.


    As a former Ship’s Deck Assistant of Brazilian Merchant Navy, I would say that I know how deep and wide are the Oceans and how wide and high are the skies, nevertheless, since this so dramatic search started, even being so far off here in Brazil, I could feel that actually the deepest desire of each of you, was and still is to find survivals during this endless search operation that can be considered as to look for a needle in a haystack.


    However, I have no doubt that the goodwill and endeavor of all you crew members, added to these most sophisticated and new-fangled technologies of communications and searches nowadays available all over the Earthin these days of today, would enable you to find a needle on the bottom of the deepest of the Oceans.


    Therefore, this needle would be found just if it was down there on the bed of the sea, on the contrary your searches for this needle would be like to throw water on ducks back, as has been your searches for this Flight MH 370’s survivors.


    Anyhow, do not blame yourself neither the authorities, be from Malaysian or whomsoever for the failing in to find survivals, because the mystery that surrounds the vanishing of this plane, transcends the imagination of most of human beings, and would, neither could never be unraveled without the use of the tool of Spirituality.


    Nevertheless, even being so far from Malaysian, I started with my lone search that was not much more alone because I had the support of the spirituality in attendance, so therefore, I would like to stress that during my search I used both these tools, the Science and Spirituality, hence, on entering in spiritual channeling I could understand and figure out the strategic meanings and purposes of this so weird and amazing plane disappearing, unraveling the mystery surrounding it since last March 8.


    Then, with a view of to show you all how deep is this mystery, I would say that even if whole the Oceans, not only the Indian Ocean could be combed with trawling boat fish net, I can warrant you all that none crew or passengers of this Flight would be found, because as the needles above mentioned, their bodies had to be somewhere in the bottom  of the Ocean too.


    However, in name of all those who were on board of this missing plane, who are much more alive than their relatives and the world whole World can imagine, I would like to invite you all to ready this article carefully so that you can know how deep is this mystery, how important is the tool and power of the spirituality in our lives and the forthcoming and edifying purpose of this so weird mystery that has baffled the World at large.


    Then, do that always thinking about the mysteries existent between heavens and Earth long ago emphasized by William Shakespeare, thinking about the existence, power and importance of the spirituality too, reminding that aiming to eternize the Plan of Peace, Salvation and Planetary Freedom that will have to be put in action to solve this upcoming  Alien Standoff that will stop Earth, I posted it on my simple Blog that is:www.howtosaveaplanetinsevendays.blogspot.com.


    And I took this precaution, aiming to avoid that this Plan goes astray across the times without reaching the Knowledge of the World whole, in case I pass away rather than to see my mission through here in this still pearly blue and rescueable planet.




    The world can be sure that the vanishing of this Flight was scheduled, is related and was put in action by hybrids humanoids acting under the influencing and in the lump with the same aliens of Zetarian background who stirred up the crash of the Flight AF 447 in 2009, who keeps millions of their hybrids living among us on Earth disguised as human too.

    The success in the attempt to capture Flight 447 was partial, because something still unknown went wrong and the aircraft plunged into the sea, but now they come off with flying color on alien jacking, or if you will hijacking this Flight MH 370, which was lead as far as one of their underground secrets bases in the North Korea.

    The hybrids on board of this plane relied upon the aid and support of UFOS, which using their extraterrestrial feats or knowledge, opened an extra dimensional doorway linking the spot where the plane disappeared from the radar, as far the scheduled base where to land, turning the plane radar undetectable.

    These aliens are of Zetarian background, who keeps millions of hybrids living among us on Earth disguised of human, when most of them are found amidst people from both Korea and China, and are considered as arc enemies of the Japanese lineage.

    Since long ago these aliens feed the ancestral dream of to destroy Japan, so therefore in these days of today, this destruction attempt would mean one of the green signs for the march of the Eastern against Western long ago foretold by Nostradamus.

    Moreover, its coming the day on which the world whole will be sure that the Earthquake which hit Japan stirring up those Tsunamis were brought up by Nuclear Activities carried out by these aliens who hangs around tunnels there existing in that region of the Ocean, as well as underneath the soil of bordering countries.

    And the chances that another quake of that magnitude happens cannot be ruled out, because as we get to know, recently North Korea has launched dozens of short range missiles, and this behavior has and can be look over as another lure to divert the attention of the World, while they carry out their underground alien activities all over the Earth.

    Indeed, the behaving these aliens can be compared with the behavior of a bunch of vandals trying to destroy everything before to flee away, once warned that police is under way.

    So therefore, seeking to make ones understanding easier I would say that since millennia the terrestrial orb is hung around by several species of Aliens.

    These Aliens lives in the invisible world, or if you wish, in the extra dimensional world, and since a millenary past are responsible by a lot of evils which knocks down over humanity, be a personal tragedy, be collective tragedy, on stirring up unusual Earthquakes for example.

    On the other hands, I would like to stress that such this kind of aliens as others who since millenniums hangs around the terrestrial orb, has their underground bases or strongholds across our planet too.

    So however, knowing that the extra cosmic intervention Earth is about to undergo will cast them out from the terrestrial orb or from wherever they can be, like vandals fleeing away from the police, they will do their best to destroy Earth through unusual Quakes.

    And at this time being, they have already undermined a lot of tunnels all over Earth and are just waiting the green signal to trigger the simultaneous Underground Nuclear Blasts, which aftermaths for the world whole will be as unpredictable as the magnitude of the Quakes stirred up all over, if no prevented, of course.   

    Nevertheless, even if they do not carry out new underground nuclear blasts now, certainly they will do that whereas the “D” for the march of the Eastern against the Western approaches. 

    Regarding to the purpose of this Flight 370’s alien jacking, I would say that the plane was scouted as far as their bases in North Korea by the same squadron of flying saucers who caused crash of flight AF 447, and the purpose of the plane’s capture will be to turn it radar undetectable, with the same technology of their saucers, so that terrorist cells like Al-Qaeda presently linked and working in the lump with their Hybrids mainly from North Korea, can use this plane and others to be captured soon, for attacks against the Western.

    Anyhow, even if debris related to this Flight MH 370 be found somewhere, ruling out the possibility that the plane is no more in North Korea, such my warnings as of other people from around the World who are posting these comments at CNN iReport shall not be ruled out.

    For there will be odds in favor that devices as transponders and others equipment from this Flight 370, can be removed from board, aiming to be assembled in another aircraft for future terrorist attacks, rather than to plunge the Flight MH 370 into the sea, without the passengers who are in captivity in North Korea.

    And concerning to these hugest type of objects detected by satellites, but which are not found neither spotted by the rescue teams on the sea, I would say that can be UFOs that floats just off and on, on the surface of the Ocean, playing the role of leads, to pull the wool over the rescue teams eyes, aiming to divert the attention of the World from their major purposes.

    Then, be sure that ship containers and other things can have been thrown on that region or in others, rather than they capture the Flight MH 370, with a view of to serve as future lures or fake leads for the rescue teams too.

    However, it goes without saying that once these terrorist achieved their goals, North American and Israel targets would be the apple of their eyes, but anyhow, I would like to lay stress on the fact that targets like the Cayan Tower in Dubai or even the Vatican should not be ruled out.

    Regarding to the passengers and crew members, I would say that the odds are in favor that the co-pilot can be a hybrid of these aliens and on account of his backgrounds, the pilot can be linked to one of these terrorist cells owning to his backgrounds too, then we can come to the conclusion that among those 154 passengers considered as Chinese, we had a lot of these hybrids too.

    And relating to the passengers of other Nations be sure that they are in the secrets undergrounds aliens strongholds in North Korea, where such some missing passengers of Flight AF 447, as well as thousands of people who disappeared mysteriously around the world across the years, no matter the way they vanished, were taken as aliens hostages too.

    So however, I would stress that these aliens are working together with hybrids from North Korea using the technology they spare, to turn planes radar undetectable, so that them can be available to terrorist cells from Afghanistan, reminding that in a recent past AL-Qaeda promised a rain of Aircrafts principally against the USA.

    Then, be sure that once they come off with flying colors acquiring an amount of planes enough to their purpose, they will start the attack against the Western, mainly against USA and Israel, so as to hit the spot of revenge, whereas North Korea start to attack Japan, seeking to hit the spot of their ancestral revenge too.

    This way, these two hidden threats that surrounds humanity, can be considered as the trigger for the breakout of the WWWIII, that if not avoidable, will mean the kick off for the march of the Eastern against Western.

    Regarding to these standoffs stirred up by the crises of Russia, Ukraine and Crimea, the World can sleep in peace, because the current war of sanctions and diplomatic standoffs that has begun will weather the storm and keep the balance.

    Because, the unmasking of North Korea as the spot where the Flight 370 was landed and hidden, about the Aliens activities existent on their Underground Secrets Bases and about their under the table links of these hybrids with terrorist cells as al-Qaeda, will serve to wake up the World whole about the real danger that North Korea is meaning for the safety of Earth as a whole, and from this moment on, undoubtedly World High Power including China and Russia will gang up against North Korea.

    Then, its coming the day that humanity will get to know that since long ago North Korea plays the role of to be a communist Country and immediately the closest dictatorship of Earth, when actually they do that with the purpose of to hide and disguise their millenary links with alien activities on Earth.

    In short, I would say that as soon as North Korea be unmasked, Earth will stand still to become the stage for an unbelievable and unimaginable Alien Standoff, that once solved will avoid that Al-Qaeda can carry out the long scheduled and simultaneous terrorist attacks that shall be with the use of this hijacked planes too, or with the other they will install the transponder.

    However, although USA and Israel can be look over as their potential targets, the world whole has to be on the alert, because no matter where this attack can happen, the world whole will endure and be hit by its aftermaths, cause undoubtedly planes will be supplied with Mass Destruction Weapons.

    On the other hand, this standoff needs to be deemed as the strong link for the reaching of the real world peace on Earth, because it will stretch points so that Earth can be helped and visited by a Task Force made up by Thirteen Astronaves, whose purpose will be to submit the terrestrial orb to a kind of Cosmic Chemotherapy, or if you wish, to a Cosmic Exorcism.

    These Astronaves are already parked across the Quadrant of our Universe, expecting for the green sign of whole the terrestrial Nations, so that together they can interferes on Earth,  rather than can be too late.

    Therefore, as soon as North Korea be thoroughly unmasked as above emphasized, the Flight MH 370 will reappear and thousands of people long ago alien jacked or abducted all over the planet by the Aliens of several lineages are to be shown to the world as human shield too, reminding that these Aliens are preparing to Alien jack another plane of a flight probably en route from Japan to Brazil.

    Anyhow, we still have lights in the button of the tunnel to chop off these threats or evils by the root, and if you would like to know how this Alien standoff that will make the Earth stands still will be solved, just visit my Blog, because over there you will came across an emergency Plan of Planetary Salvation that Jesus Christ posted in the Holy Bible so far his last carnal call here on Earth nearly two thousand years ago.

    A Plan long ago left by Jesus Christ to be used by humanity, whenever a simple evil might be knocking down our planet, or even when Earth could be under threatening of full destruction, and has to be shared and put simultaneously in practice by all the terrestrial Nations in these days of today, when these most advanced and new flanged technologies of communication spared by the World whole, will enable humanity to put this plane of planetary rescue in action.

    Thanks for the attention to me granted!

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