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    Posted March 16, 2014 by
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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    Malaysia Flight 370

    Missing Maylasian Flight 370 Opinion

    It is evident that the missing Maylasian Flight 370 situation is a plot to accomplish the following:

    1. To expose international intelligence systems.
    2. Divert/manipulate global markets, economies, politics, and their connecting environments.

    The culprits are challenging 20th century policies and ideals, by using 21st century technology and techniques, to establish current ideals.

    Review the following outline:

    I. International agencies are providing valuable information via media to assist current and possible future missions.

    II. Many international agencies conclude that terrorist attacks are inevitable. “The question is not if, but when and how the next one shall occur.”

    III. Secrecy and plan preparation is key to operation success. Fame is separated from fortune, as determined from previous similar operations. The culprit has determined that accepting responsibility provides opportunities for future investigations.

    IV. Timing is essential to operation success.

    1. The plane changed and maintained course, outside radar capabilities.
    2. The remaining observation systems were later disengaged to best cloak vessel.
    3. Passenger communications systems were also compromised to provide ample time to complete mission.

    V. This as a terrorist technique that effects the following:

    1. Global markets exchanges of goods, products, and resources.
    2. Global intelligence systems.
    3. Global politics.
    4. Military and emergency response resources.
    a. Personnel
    b. Vessels
    c. Fuels, equipment, materials and provisions.

    VI. Opinion:

    1. The culprit has political connections with access to advanced technologies and billions of dollars. The 12 Malaysian and 8 Chinese Freescale Semicoductor employees aboard the plan may have access to these technologies. These passengers, with the possible assistance of the pilot(s), can accomplish the necessary tasks for operation success. Is it a coincident that another passenger left his wedding ring, if anything drastic occurred?

    2. Global markets should be monitored to determine who is taking advantage of stock price changes.

    3. The U.S. should limit, versus expanding search activity, to maintain diplomatic efforts. The multi-national search is extending many resources.

    4. Consequently, the U.S. should redirect focus to preparing an immediate response and defense, to these probable actions. The U.S. should be intensely investigating the previously mentioned participants, and their connected entities.
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