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    Posted March 16, 2014 by

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    Good Morning King Barack Obama: Today's agenda starts with the import, export of universal commodities in Our made Equal Nation that has been thwarted by dishonest weights and measures.  Oft times destroying the moral fiber, that gives us children.  You should believe that the "Estate" of Jews with many dark fashions has interfered with the growth of natural ecology that effects a sound mind to be in tune with God and peoples "that" did not heed to listen of bounty, that was sown, that most will never reap, because we: even testator Jews of Mish Brokha that pray to reclaim rights unalienable and of lost generations we without guidance, that many have said: God is everything, when our Father wishes to be the white clouds of day that Scorch not creation and in balance we carouse little insects we feed, and embrace friends that repay us with prayers, yet the grass grow not and dandelions not bloom, we pollute the sap of trees for waters so cool.  Just aphids that brought dew to the leaves.  Profit sought by miracles of maple syrup and gluttons combed and sifted, it damaged creatures minute as mites and man preyed for delicacies, they robbed their fellow poor, the rich trained them and laughed.  The banquet roared with blood, sweat, and crimes.  We thought they were possessed with: but decided with glee and hid madness.  I cried and prayed, shocked I tried to tell them before too late, they chose wife-swapping and blood did pour.  The prayers of the poor were stole, Jesus gave them our prayers to show mercy that all his friends might garner mammon Saints were praised and the pollen died, we had none money to help restore friends without a table ground or cuddly warmth.  We knew each other not.  No sparrows flitting.  We tried to save with hoe and half shekel.  We watered it down, after is was trampled down and withered and spoiled: we wondered where the rich all had food, that none processed, or stored and even prepared.   Guess what they seasoned of fatted pieces, bowing we died: they claimed it was sewn from children's undergarments.  Two by two (they claimed, we didn't work or pray enough).  God: yes our savoir bowed for brownie points and offspring died.  He idles my mind and mocks my prayers.  I must speak for the poor, we  are alone, with no smoke: parched we had poisoned meadows and secret fishes.  Even poor people prayed "more for themselves." Jesus answered them and in secret blessed.  Enjoying serpents and swordfish steaks, as we paid in shackles, that were just said to be dead.  They perished not and like Sodom said: "we can do whatever we want" and snickered and snarled: this is an easy riddle unraveled and damned they spoke - Listen it's funny on cried: still addicted to worship and glowed: "If God kills us (watch this!) Then God won't be "perfect."'  "See the perfect solution; then guess what will happen?  God will die!"  It's just a metaphor sir!  Creator!  You warned them through out sacred scriptures.  Confounded they just stole as the lost were kidnapped!  "Believe in us!'  We make God use his photographic memory while counting his lambs, and it's true I cried!  Little babes are missing!   Mocking: accusations how I was more awful.  He did himself, when he proved "Everyone keep the faith!"  He stole your heart by this prayer.  so proudly wicked.  I have conquered God by again as  I lead you friends, above the heavens.  Above God we reign and don't tell he cancelled the wedding.  Blatantly Planning he plotted to ruin vulnerable souls.  Hel

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